Building Biotechs
Welcome to Building Biotechs: A Podcast by Recruitomics Consulting
September 7, 2023
From the ground floor to the C-Suite, Building Biotechs offers a behind-the-scenes look into the strategy that goes into launching and scaling successful biotech and life science companies. We talk with biotech executives, founders, HR leaders, and culture builders to learn how they think about growing companies with intention, and discuss the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way.
Biotech plays a vital role in bringing innovative therapeutics to market, but the talent landscape  is becoming more competitive with each passing year. Growing a company that thrives, with mission-driven employees and a healthy culture, while competing with large biopharma for great talent can be a daunting task. We know the deck feels stacked against you. We’ve helped over 75 companies and venture capital firms strategize, hire, and retain thousands of employees to scale companies that bring life-saving drugs to patients. That’s why we’ve decided to launch Building Biotechs: A Podcast by Recruitomics Consulting.

We’ll be speaking with those at the forefront of growing biotechs, from high-level executives and founders, to hiring managers, DEI leaders, and industry experts. Learn the tactics and strategies our guests used to shepherd these companies from startup to the clinic, through funding rounds, acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs. We’re here to give you a peek behind the curtain to see what goes into growing a small biotech efficiently and with intention.

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Previous guests include: Tiffany Summerville, Vice President of Human Resources at Sherlock Biosciences; Adam Thomas, Chief People Officer at Synlogic; Leslie Martin, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Flagship Pioneering; Kevin E. Johnson, Human Capital Professional; Trice Alford, Chief Marketing Officer at Ronawk

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