Sujan Patel Shares 4 SaaS Growth Strategies For bCast
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Sujan Patel Shares 4 SaaS Growth Strategies For bCast
November 24, 2020
In this episode, Sujan Patel returns to perform a LIVE growth strategy session for bCast... he did little to no prep and still managed to produce 4 BIG potential growth strategies for our new podcast hosting SaaS.
After our previous episode, Sujan causally mentioned that he would love to talk further about growing bCast...

I jumped at the chance and asked Sujan if he would be happy to record them: he was.

We didn't speak about it again until we jumped on another call to record... I think Sujan did approx. 5 minutes of research before. He then proceeded to brain dump 4 MASSIVE growth strategies for bCast:

We could have gone on for another 30 minutes, but we only had 30 minutes to record.

Each of these have been put into practice since we recorded approx. a week ago and I will update you with how we do right here on this blog. We may even bring Sujan back on in 6-12 months to debrief on progress.

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