Would you Fly with a Pilot who Argued with their Gauges Instead of Responding to them with Jeff Geier
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Would you Fly with a Pilot who Argued with their Gauges Instead of Responding to them with Jeff Geier
March 13, 2024
It's really no big deal, until it is. A pilot who is flying, or captain who is navigating and sets a bearing just one degree off will land somewhere other than their desired destination. In business, sometimes this is called "mission creep." This exists when the organization is moving toward a goal, but then accepts something goal-adjacent. It's not exactly the goal, but the connection seems reasonable. Then the goal-adjacent space is the new goal and the next goal-adjacent initiative is even farther from the original goal. Any one of those single goal-adjacent deviations are no big deal. Until they compound. Then, comprehensively, it is absolutely a big deal. Being on target requires leaders to be focused and diligent. It's not always exceptionally heavy lifting, but it is consistent to keep on task. Additionally, making big changes requires the "mission creep" analogy to be reverse engineered. A great big goal typically requires little adjustments rather than one big change. Even when one big change is the order of the day, there are many rippling incremental changes to make way for the big thing. As you consider change, consider whether it is intentional or accidental. Review how you know that, and as you go... 🔹 Make Small Adjustments: Instead of big wholesale changes, consider making small 1- or 2-degree adjustments to stay on course and achieve your goals. 🔹 Communication is Key: Regular and ongoing communication with your team, customers, and stakeholders can provide valuable feedback and help identify areas that need adjustments. 🔹 Invest in Coaching: Just like a pilot relies on a flight controller, leaders can benefit from coaching to gain an external perspective and make important course corrections. Being an effective leader is not a one-person show. Being boss can be one person, but effectiveness is absolutely in question. Once the goal is set, a leader's responsibility is to get there in the most effective way possible. The path is full of open and honest communication. Leaders who "don't want excuses" or don't want to have difficult conversations, are really just holding a place, they aren't leading. Fortunately and unfortunately, the No More Leadership BS team has observed a lot of change management over time. With observations on what works and what doesn't, the team is here to serve you as you manage and navigate change in your workplace and on your team.
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