Talent Talks
Working With Millennials: What Makes Millennials Tick (Podcast 3/10)
December 2, 2016
In this third podcast episode of our 10-part podcast series, ‘Working with Millennials,’ we feature another highly informative discussion with Smooch Reynolds, IR communications functional search expert. According to Ms. Reynolds, if this generation holds true to their passions and interests then as a result four years from now they will play a much larger role in society and business and from this maturity they will be very different influencers on the political scene and in the workplace.” Our comprehensive analysis of the 2016 Millennial electorate suggests that the youth turnout remained about the same as in 2012. Nothing, it seems, in this election cycle excited this important demographic group to get out their vote. The presidency is now set for the next four years, and for Millennials – like everyone else – its back to work time. Listen Now.