The Best SaaS Cold Email Of All Time With Geoff Atkinson of Huckabuy
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The Best SaaS Cold Email Of All Time With Geoff Atkinson of Huckabuy
December 8, 2020
In this episode, Tom is joined by Geoff Atkinson, CEO of Huckabuy: an SEO SaaS. They discuss perhaps the greatest SaaS cold email of all time, how Huckabuy are getting customers today and why SEO is so crucial in B2B SaaS.
I used to be Head Of Marketing at a B2B SaaS...

I remember sipping my black coffee early one gloomy afternoon in London, exhuasted from an active morning of meetings... just refreshing my email.

And something pops up... that initially I coudn't understand.

It was like no cold email I had ever seen before... and it had came from Geoff Atkinson of Huckabuy.

I won't go into the details here as Geoff does a better job of that in the full episode.

What I will say is that it will blow your mind...

We then go on to discuss:

Enjoy and of course... check out:

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