Is Compensation Tied to Self-Worth?
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Is Compensation Tied to Self-Worth?
September 28, 2022
How is your value identified? Is it through your contribution? Your ability to parent your kids? How well you serve as a child to your parents? What if your relationship was upended? If you thought you were a good child to your parents to find out that they liked your sibling better, how might you feel? In a more common situation in the world of work, compensation is tied to value which, in many cases, is tied to employees’ self-worth. It’s not always intentional, but it can pop up when someone realizes that the new person or an individual who reports to them makes more money than they do. Now, what the individual thought was fair, starts to look unfair based on new information and perspective. Is that appropriate? Should people worry about how much they make in comparison to others? Is comparison appropriate and how do we avoid it? There is no avoiding comparison no matter what company policy states. As leaders, we have to navigate a lot of things. We have many thoughts on this, and all don’t align, regarding compensation, comparison, and self-worth.
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