Stand Up Straight and Choose Your Hard
No More Leadership BS
Stand Up Straight and Choose Your Hard
February 22, 2023
"The Hard is what makes it great." Jimmy Dugan, A League of Their Own In so many of the stories of leadership, the story is about impossible decisions or made to look like the Leader was a time-traveler and somehow knew the outcome would be perfect. As you know, those stories might be engaging, but hardly help you in your daily leadership struggles. What is The Hard we're referring to? The difficulty is doing things that are uncomfortable in favor of something easy. Usually, the easy thing now makes a mess later while the difficult thing now makes things easier down the road. As one of our team says, "I'd rather have a slightly awkward conversation now than have a blowout in 3 months." And what about you? Which hard do you choose? It's going to be hard. The question is, will it be hard and quick now, or hard and protracted later? As a leader, you get to choose... you have to choose. How do you evaluate whether action is needed now or later? Is it about you, about the team, about the company, about being named as a Defendant, or some other motivation? The No More Leadership BS team shares diverse points of view on choosing the hard path. Imagine two options, both are hard, so it's not getting away from the hard, but literally choosing your hard. How do you choose?
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