Talent Talks
Building a Search Firm on Mission & Values
July 24, 2019
In this new and exciting episode of ‘Talent Talks,’ we will uncover the strategy and processes of “Building a Search Firm on Mission and Values Rather Than Just Revenue.” Our host Michael Wasulko is joined alongside David Heron, Group Chief Executive Officer of Wilton & Bain and founding partner of WBMS. With over 20 years experience, building, leading and pioneering highly successful interim management businesses. David’s expertise and passion are in helping clients to think creatively around how to resource key challenges, and in working with Senior Executives and deliver major transformation programs. According to David Heron, “I fundamentally believe to create a great client experience you have to create a great internal candidate experience. You need to build an environment internally where people care and if they care about us, they will care about our clients.” Listen now!