The Untold Truth: Why Great Workers Struggle in Leadership Roles with Jeff Conroy
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The Untold Truth: Why Great Workers Struggle in Leadership Roles with Jeff Conroy
November 8, 2023
Some people are born leaders. These are often folks with charisma. Anyone with the drive and interest can learn to be a leader. It is really easy for an employer to recognize great work for a first-level employee and reward them with a promotion. However, doing so without evaluating that top-performer against the needs of the new position can cause some real friction. Even if that IS done, expecting the newly-minted leader to learn on the fly is not fair to them or their team. As you think about any hiring, any times you've been promoted, or are presently being considered for a promotion, what is the plan for onboarding into the new role? How will the new leader adjust to the new expectations? How will they learn their way into effectively managing this new position? While you're joining us on this journey, please consider the following concepts: 1) Promotions are great, but not without a baseline of expectations and quality training 2) Investment in training will have a quick ROI compared to an underperforming leader 3) Professional development is informed by both the employee and employer, action is not optional if effective leadership is the goal. The No More Leadership BS team truly believes in leadership development over leadership 'happening.' Team and leader development is intentional, specific, and repeatable. In short, engaging new leaders in ways that help them become more effective is a great investment of resources. If someone is to be elevated to a position of new responsibilities without training, they can only fail and that helps precisely no one.
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