Finding a Robot to Hire Humans Can Fill the Gaps in Artificial of the AI Movement with Jeffrey Geier
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Finding a Robot to Hire Humans Can Fill the Gaps in Artificial of the AI Movement with Jeffrey Geier
May 31, 2023
The implications that can come from artificial intelligence (AI) are immense, unpredictable, and maybe a pile of hooey. Every new technology is met with a level of panic. Some a little more justified and some less. For example, a Deep Fake video might convince a viewer that a particular person gave a speech that they never actually gave. There is danger here. The problem is faking humanity to convince others that someone is of a status (positive or negative) than they actually are. The current application of AI is reviewing resumes, providing narrative text, giving solutions to specific technical problems, but is not quite standing in for humans. As time progresses and technology advances, the likelihood of AI being able to present as a particular human increases. What seems much less likely is for AI to either replicate or replace the emotionally connected human interaction. As leaders how we address the current AI issue gives us insight to how we will need to demonstrate leadership to those for whom we hold responsibility. AI is not going away so we can adjust or fight, but the odds are decent that fighting just sets us back. Preparing our teams for being better at humaning seems to be a great place to start. The No More Leadership BS team thumb wrestles this topic to ponder the changes we've seen, what's on the horizon, and how we can navigate this new journey.
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