I am an Experienced Professional and I am Clueless on How This Team Works with Jeff Conroy
No More Leadership BS
I am an Experienced Professional and I am Clueless on How This Team Works with Jeff Conroy
June 14, 2023
*beware gratuitous sports reference ahead* Imagine being a guard on an American football team. You're good, but the team can bring on 2 other people in different positions if you're traded. So your new team takes you in, puts you in position and says, "go." You're a professional guard, you know the position, you know the objectives. You don't know the specific plays for this new team. If no one shows you, no matter how good you are, your success will be limited. When we bring new people into our organizations, we expect them to have some skills and abilities. So we spend a lot of time HRing the crap out of them, but less time getting them up to speed on their day job. How successful can any person be without appropriate instruction, guidance, or even training? There's more to onboarding than checklists and compliance. Giving new employees every opportunity to succeed by introducing them to and becoming a member of the community is where they have the chance to thrive, not just survive. The No More Leadership BS group shares their experiences, observations, and recommendations on how to keep the high-flyers you hire, flying high on the job.
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