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Courses for Executives (Susan Schramm)
October 3, 2022
Ever wanted to create a high-ticket course for high-powered executives? Marketing consultant Susan Schramm gives us an inside look at how she created successful online programs for senior executives that they not only pay for but actually engage in.
Susan Schramm is a consultant, marketing expert and the CEO of Go To Market Impact, LLC. She helps business leaders get faster results with their high-stakes strategies.

     In this episode, Danny and Abe talk with Susan about formatting and structuring an online program suited for senior executives.

In this episode we discuss:

“But the genius about all this is it's asynchronous. So my clients can be introduced to go to market and concepts and de-risk principles, apply them to their own initiative, brainstorm together and spar with each other, and even build a game plan together, but not exactly at the same time.”   – Susan Schramm

Susan Schramm is Founder of Go to Market Impact LLC, a business consultancy that helps CEO's and boards get results faster when driving high-stakes strategies. She serves as a "strategy accelerator", an especially good ally for visionary senior leaders concerned their new strategy is going too slowly or worried it is getting off the rails.

A certified Woman Owned Business, the firm serves global and nationwide clients including businesses, nonprofits, universities, communities, and diverse supply chain ecosystems. Go To Market Impact's proprietary De-Risk System for Impact ℠ helps leaders systematically uncover the hidden risks of new strategies and develop a game plan to manage those risks. Ten percent of gross revenues of the firm are invested in programs and scholarships to equip purpose-led leaders.

Before starting her consultancy, Susan held executive roles with IBM, Siemens, Nokia, Viavi Networks. She has a proven record of accomplishment launching new products and services, innovative programs and brands, and new companies. Recent engagements include optimizing diverse industry supply chains, accelerating public safety innovation, implementing secure smart cities, readying the workforce of the future, and equipping purpose-led entrepreneurs around the globe to build sustainable businesses and create jobs.

Susan currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries, and has served on the boards of the YMCA, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, and the Telecommunications Industry Association. Susan holds a BS in Management Sciences from Duke University.

Though she is energized by her work with purpose-led organizations, Susan's real passion is her faith and family.

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