We Need To Talk: The Difficult Conversations and How to Have Them
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We Need To Talk: The Difficult Conversations and How to Have Them
October 6, 2021
The majority of the work in any conflict conversation is work you do on yourself. No matter how well the conversation begins, you’ll need to stay in charge of yourself, your purpose, and your emotional energy. Dr. Sam Jennings owner/founder of 360 Clarity Coaching walks us through what to do when you find yourself faced with conflict, why nobody likes these conversations, and what happens when you avoid them.
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  • Dr. Sam Jennings II - Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Coach - provides leadership coaching for decision-makers who want to improve workplace culture. 360 Clarity also provides diversity & inclusion, training, keynote speaking, and training workshops, Owner/Founder 360 Clarity. Reach Dr. Sam directly at Sam@360-Clarity.com or 208-770-7701

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