Ethical Sales with the Raber twins
FLIP THE SWITCH ON YOUR SALES with American Super Coach Micheal Burt by the Raber twins
September 1, 2020
One mindset is the same mindset of King David in the Bible, and that is it's going to be a fight, but we're going to find a way to win. That's one of my key mindsets, I have a proper expectation that this ain't gonna be easy. Okay, and there's going to be tribulation and adversity and departures away from the way you think it's going to go. But we're gonna find a way to win. And that's all we need to know during this period during any period, during the pandemic, during the recession. It's gonna be fine man, but we're gonna find a way to win and I bring that mindset every day. The number two mindset I have...



During crisis and economic depression, small business owners often struggle with making sales and keeping the loyalty of their people. Because the being selling is hard to pay the bills on the ethical sales podcast you will learn new ways to selling ethically and communicating with your people to create more loyalty and getting out of the rut of stress and frustration. When there is plenty of sales there should be plenty of profits to keep things flowing smoothly. And everybody be happy.


Welcome to another episode of the ethical sales podcast with raber twins.


I am Elias Raber. Let's not try to talk at the same time here. I'm Matt. And I'm Owen Shrock, and today's guest is Super Coach Michael Burt. I remember a time a number of years ago, probably five maybe six years ago


There was this big time sales training guru from Florida that had a conference and in one of his testimonial videos, there was this gentleman giving a testimonial and talking about sales. And he was wearing this strange coat that had stripes on it reminded me of a zebra jacket. I was like, Who is this guy? Sounds interesting, great story. And so I did some research and found Coach Michael Burt. So welcome to the episode.


Yeah, that was one of the best marketing things to be honest with you I ever I ever did as when I wrote the book, zebras and cheetahs. That was my first nationally published book. And we were trying to get attention for the book. And I didn't realize at the time how hard it would be to get attention for a book when you're considered a first time author, a first time published author so we ordered this really ugly zebra print jacket. And I wore it everywhere. And it got all kinds of a bit to this day when I go places people asked me about that Zebra printer


Now here's one thing, just a little side note is I did a book signing at the airport, the Nashville International Airport back then. And I tried to rent a real Cheetah from the zoo. Okay now, cheetahs are wild animals. Yeah. Okay. So this call over to the zoo one day and tell him you want to read a cheetah. And


that would that they would they tell you they said it was a wild animal. We couldn't do it. And I said with it. It'd be it'd be awesome man. I think running through the airport that would wait some folks. I've read every record some folks Oh, my mind make some folks go to jail to whatever we got to do sell a book, man. Yeah. And get attention get attention. Yep. So that's what it's all about. Let's jump into your backstory just one minute. I grew up raised by a single mother, who taught me toughness. And that's real important to today's climate, because I'm coaching all these people around the world in different industries. And the one common theme or through through line that they do or do not have is the emotional toughness to find a way to win. So


I go back to how my mom raised me. She made me go to school every day for two for X number of years. You know, I wouldn't let me miss a day of school for 12 years. And I couldn't understand why I'm like, Why do I have to go to school when other kids get to mess? Why don't have to do this? You made me dress up every day when I went out in public, she made me you know, she made me do all these things that I couldn't understand when I was growing up. But now I understand at 44 years old, she was building a toughness in me. And that would serve me very well. So I went on to be the youngest head coach in the state of Tennessee. I started coaching as early as 18 years old. I built the national powerhouse in a decade that would go on to win Seven of Nine championships. But guys, I was always fascinated and motivated by inner engineering people building competitive intelligence, teaching people how to have an advantage to like like that was the part about coaching that fascinated me. So I studied it way more than other coaches did. I studied how to touch the body, mind, heart and spirit. That's really what I became known for. Is activating the prey drive in people and I


Got that reputation from 20 to 30. Because that's really where I spent most of my time and energy. So then I retired then at 31 years old, I was speaking all over the world. I had written four or five books. I was getting demand from from all over the world at that time and so so I retired from athletic coaching at the peak of my athletic career. Nobody could figure out why I retired and I walked away. I literally walked away to start a coaching company that has since become a multi million dollar coaching company, coaching businesses today. I'm with a billion dollar mortgage company in Nashville, Tennessee that I coach, you know, we coach every arena you can imagine door to door people I've coached in prison systems. I've coached a blue collar white collar executives, oh, Uber wealthy mortar, I mean, you name it. I've coached people everywhere in between. I mean, I am a pure coach, which I think to Owens point really separates me from most of the people in my industry that do what I do. Well, we love your stuff. We've dived into a lot of your stuff we've had you had a handful of our events. We've never had anything but good feedback.


From our people our people love having you there and I'm sure we'll do some things in the future together as well and your people are hungry that's what I like resonate I resonate with hungry motivated people sometimes it you know I bring a lot of energy so I can tell it it takes some sometimes they're looking at me like whoa where the where this dude come from, but then by the end of the presentation is like Oh, Okay, I get it. I see what this bring in. So it's always a good experience a lot of energy man, a lot of our people are young and oftentimes with youth comes energy. No, yeah. Yeah. Hundred percent rookie smart. I got a book here. I don't know if you recognize the author of this book. Inside the mind of a monster it says Michael Burke down here at the bottom.


A good book that you wrote. Let's talk a little bit about the mindset of a monster why would somebody want to be a monster and maybe Why? You know, what is a monster? Well, we define a monster many years ago. This is actually how the monster producer program got started is I had an employee, a really nice guy named Brock Patterson. Most people can either stick with me if they make it past the first year with me, then they have good stay in power. But a lot of people can't make it past the first year is they go and then they come to me go, man, I just can't go at this pace. I just can't do it. I want to do it. I love you coach, but I just don't have an engine.


Well, this dude worked with me for a ride at a year and six months into it. I said to him one day, what do you think we do? And he said, Man, do you want me to be honest? And I said, Yeah, he said, Man, I think you're a friggin monster. Like I have never worked with somebody with the engine intensity, the drive that you have, and I think you produce other monsters.


And he said to me, I found a definition in the dictionary of a monster producer that says this a monster producer a monster is a legendary creature. That's what a monster is. It's a legendary creature. So as soon as I heard that, I'm like, boom. I like that. And one of my gifts that I've been


been blessed with is the gift of packaging a concept. You know, one of the things for some reason I have a knack for is I can hear a concept and take that concept and package it and monetize it. So I said, Man, that's going to be our coaching program, we're going to call it monster producer, we're going to produce legendary creatures, right? And that's really turned into a multimillion dollar coaching company over the last X number of years, and that is my core product. But when people come to be coached by me, I say you need to be a monster producer. That's my core coaching curriculum. And then you can spin off into other programs and boot camps and retreats. But at first, you need to learn the monster growth system. That's why you need to go inside the mind monster. I'm on tour right now with Tim story sharing the lector we're about to go to Dallas tomorrow and do another event together. And you know, I was teaching my team this morning. What's the mindset of Tim story? What's the mindset of Sharon Lechter? I mean, Sharon Lechter took the rich dad series made it a global brand. Sold 42 million copies of her book was the one


A lot of the the the engine behind Rich Dad Poor Dad. I mean, what's her mindset? What's my mindset? Why and why should you know? Why should you? Why should you understand these mindset of top people? Well, that's really what we want to know, right? Like, how Why is the top person a top person? Right? What do they do different than other people? And how do they work? How do they think? How do they handle adversity? How do they produce revenue? How do they service people like what you ought to be interested in is how does that do think like key thing to get the results you get? So that's really why I wrote that book is because so many people ask me, how do you how did you turn out like this? You know, like, how do you how do you think like this, how do you work like this? And I said, let me just write it in. This is, this is my mindset. So I hand it to every new salesperson, this sales for me, this is how I think this is operate. This is the frequency I go in. And I'd say especially considering you know, the current environment. A lot of times I think leaders might not even like they don't feel what a lot of people are feeling during this time because they're already


In a different mindset, maybe, but what are some of the key foundational things for mindset? What are the things people can do every day? to work on their mindset? I have three core mindsets, okay. One mindset is the same mindset of King David in the Bible, and that is it's going to be a fight, but we're going to find a way to win. That's one of my key mindsets, I have a proper expectation that this ain't gonna be easy. Okay, and there's going to be tribulation and adversity and departures away from the way you think it's going to go. But we're gonna find a way to win. And that's all we need to know during this period during any period during pandemic during the recession. It's gonna be fine man, but we're gonna find a way to win and I bring that mindset every day. The number two mindset I have is it all goes to zero at midnight. Success doesn't care what you did yesterday, or the day before. It all go if you tell yourself it all goes to zero at midnight, I go to bed tired and I wake up hungry. In essence, I go to bed broke. And I tell myself that what takes years to build up can take seconds to tear down. If I don't go into battle every day see King David was a great king until he didn't go into battle. And when he didn't go into battle, that's when he got himself in trouble, right? Because he saw Bathsheba, he got distracted. And when he got distracted, his whole life kind of fell apart because he didn't go into the battle, man. 


I get myself in trouble when I'm distracted. Most people can get themselves in they're in trouble when they get distracted. So my mindset is it's going to be a fight, but I'm gonna find a way to win number two, it all goes to zero at midnight, and one of my favorite one is there comes a time when winter asked what she did all spring and summer, meaning


I'm working in some industries right now where it's overinflated, meaning it's easy to sail I'm here with the mortgage company today. It's easy sell a mortgage today, they're selling mortgages at 2.99%. Easy for a bad mortgage originator to think they're good, because it's so easy, right? Well, it won't be It won't be easy at some point in the future. So so because I was a basketball coach, I used to believe that championships are


Every one during the season championships are always won during offseason. Because in the offseason, when you're in the weight room, it's when you're conditioning, it's when you're getting mentally tough. So my mindset about my business is I chop wood and carry water every day. I don't care if we hit our sales go exceed our sales go, I don't care if we have surplus every day, I just work the system. Every day I show up. Every day I go to bed tired and wake up hungry every night it goes to zero at midnight. And that's really the mindset of a monster. And we're not interested in just the money piece like people think like with me, it's really not about that. It's about the pursuit of my potential, the pursuit of significance. And Maxwell said, once you taste significant success will never satisfy you. And that's where I'm at in my life. I'm 44 years old. I've had to do awards. I've won two trophies. I don't need that man. What I need is to help as many people as I can. That's what does it for me. Okay, now with that comes notoriety and being known and being a person of interest and all that


Good and money, right? And a private jet. I know wrong with that. But But my point is, that ain't what it's all about. to me. That's not what motivates me. And I think big time people are motivated by significance, specifically a question that, you know, if I'm gonna call you up, and I'm gonna say, Hey, I'm losing to somebody that's cheaper than me, because this is probably the most common objection that salespeople have is man, if I could just lower my price. I could sell boatloads of this stuff or semi loads of this stuff. What's your response to that? I think you need pre loaded answers because you get the same objections over and over and over time, money. Right? It's not the right time or I don't and selling something and there's something cheaper I just address it. I just say to them, I understand you can get it cheaper. And I and I say this in my life. Anytime I've gone cheap, I've regretted it. Anytime I always get what I pay


For you can dine on 99 cent hamburgers or you can dine on filet mignon steak but you always get what you pay for. And any times I've tried to go cheap, okay, I've always regretted it now you can go cheap right here, I'd be happy to introduce you to a supplier, I'd be happy to introduce you to the cheapest person that you can find now, if you if you want to go with them, go with them, but don't call me right back and say, Well, I wish they'd have done this and I wish they'd have done that because here's the deal. How can you expect me to give you world class service while simultaneously asking me to lower my price?


Okay, you can't you can't ask you don't you don't go to the Ritz Carlton and ask for a discount. You don't know. Right? Like Like, like, you know, I'm in an office building right now. It's got the best views of Nashville. You can see the river you can see tide Stadium, you can see downtown. Well, it ain't gonna be cheap. You want it to be you want it to be cheaper. You want it to be good. That's why I always like my buddy Bradley. We always joke around and play a game called pick two. You get three choices, but you can only pay to write you have it fast. You can have it good. You have it cheap. They say well


Want to fast and good? I say, well, it ain't gonna be cheap then. Right? Well, I want to cheap and fast Well, it ain't gonna be any good.


So on a train, on a train, they say whatever say we You're the one picking it, I'm not picking it, you're choosing what you want he wants to do if you want it fast and cheap, that ain't going to be any good if you want it. Good. Fascinating OBG so so I think you've got to make up your mind what you want. Now, here's what do I sell coaching programs. And I sell those programs from $99 a month, all the way up to 100,000 200,000 a month, a year. Right. And here's the deal. I have different products. If you can't get in the 299 coaching program you can get in the $99 program. If you can't get in the $99 program, you can get it. You can buy some $497 you can buy that you can buy a book for $9 and 99 cents. If you can't do that you can get it on YouTube. But let me tell you what you don't get on YouTube because people say this all the time. Well, I watch you on YouTube every day. And I'm like, Well, I mean, that's that's the difference between listening to us on the radio and go into the concert. Like it ain't even close being coached by me and watching it on YouTube.


Okay, because you're only getting a small fraction of what people that pay to get coached by me actually get and the ones that come to my Lodge, get in a room with me come to one of my boot camps spend two and a half days with me, they all say the same thing. This was 10 times better than anything I ever thought it was going to be. It's the same response over and over and over, like, man, I watch you on YouTube, but it ain't nothing compared to being in that room with you and feeling that energy no different than me being there at your speaking engagements. You know, you could find me in on the big screen, but it ain't nothing compared to me looking people in the eye and being right in their face, walking around that room, coaching them and then leaving there with a certain feeling. That's what I tell people when it comes to being cheap. You want to be good or you want to be cheap. Because good people ain't cheap. Right? Right. Right or wrong. I mean, good people. Yeah, good. People ain't cheap. That's just all there is to it. I mean, I don't know any other way around it. I'm not cheap. You guys are not cheap. We're not selling a cheap product. Maybe we misunderstood if you're looking for somebody cheap. I can introduce you to Larry the life coach. He's real cheap, but he's also real bad.


You'll look up the definition of cheaper, I believe it means of lesser value, you know, and perfect, you can't get around it. Well think about this. I'm glad you said this, okay? Because when you're closing a person, if you look up the word close, it means to bring two things. To bring something to an end. It means to bring two things together. And here's what I say what I'm trying to do right here, Elias is I'm trying to bring these two things together trying to bring your problem with my 28 years of experience solving your problem. Okay? And now what's it worth there's a difference between what something cost and what something is worth. Okay? And this is really what somebody should be selling. You know, let's just say a mortgage company. It costs 150,000 for me to be their coach, let's just say for a year, but let's say they make 10 million more dollars as a result of me being their coach. Was it worth the hundred 50,000 they invested to make 10 million of course it was. So you know, a lot of people that pay my higher level coaching programs they say, Man, when they say, well, you're paying 25,000 to coach or even 100,000 to coach bird and say, Yeah, man, that dude help me make, you know, we had one person pay 100,000 he said he made a million back in the first six months. Well, that's a good investment. Yes, 100 put 100,008 and make a million back in six months is a good investment. So you it's all in how you see cheap people sometimes have cheap thoughts, they're gonna be cheap their whole life. And unfortunately, they're gonna deal with cheap products and they're gonna complain about those products. That's right. One thing as a as a buyer, anytime you're comparing the same product at a lot lesser price, and which is kind of what we're referring to sometimes, and we have more and more people inside of our teams, offering the exact same solution to the building owner. The building owners already said, I want this system, you know, somebody who has that roofing system on his building, he's like, I'm gonna have this system and he gets three different prices. And obviously, he's gonna get three, you know, something's gonna be cheaper, something's gonna be more expensive, from the building owners perspective, and I know not everybody sees it this way. He should be smart.


Enough, not all building owners are but he should be smart enough to know that the cheaper guy is probably the desperate guy, which oftentimes means he has less experience. He's a new guy, he's, he's not seasoned, he doesn't he doesn't have the experience that I'm paying him for as the older guy does, or the guy that might have been in business for 10 years. And I think as as buyers, we tend to forget that sometimes the guy giving it away, why is he giving it away? There's a reason he's giving it away. You're thinking logically, okay? And the buyer, unfortunately, many times is not like you look at it, like, Hey, we offer the best, we are the best we have Why in the world would you want something else? Right? Like that's how we think that's how I think about my coaching. Like you don't know how to sail. I do know how to sail like, like I coach a lot of coaches now. People that want to monetize a message I've written 16 books. So now I'm doing publishing retreats, where I teach people my methodology for writing a book in 90 days.


Doing coaching summits where I coach people that want to coach or monetize their 700,000 people in the United States that call themselves a coach. Okay that we know of that, okay? The average mean income or average income of those 700,000 is 47,000 a year. Now, first off, do you want to take advice from somebody making 47,000 a year number one, they can sell their own product or service. But I am in the top 000 1% of money earners when it comes to coaches in the world. Okay. And there are people doing it much higher than me, as you know, and I'm totally humbled of that. But I have a strategist that runs all these numbers, right? And he's a Vanderbilt grad. He's real smart. And he came to me saying I want to give you a stat I want you to start using and he gave me this stat 700,000 coaches average income of those coaches is 47,000. Coach, you're in the top 000 1% of money earners in the world, which means I know how to monetize a coaching program. I know how to monetize an icon.


See it? Well, I talked to coaches every day who have no idea how to sell their product or service. And and they're asking other people to spend money on their services, but they will spend money on themselves to learn how to monetize it. And here's an example. I got one guy the other day, it's got a pre so one program, one, okay. And I'm like, Man, you you realize I could help you sell 100 of those, right? And if you sold 100, you sell them at 6000 apiece, you'd make $600,000 now, my coaching summit is only $5,000 would you give me 5000 to help you make 600,000 and he's sitting there thinking about it. So as we were talking about rise, like a shoe Wow, man.


I'm scared to do it. I'm scared. I'm like, back to mindset, right? I'm like, let me Oh, don't say I'm confused. You're asking people to pay 6000 for your coaching but you've only sold one, one person. Okay, I've so thousands of people. Okay, so if you'd spend two and a half days with me, I'd show you how to say Thousands of people you do get that right? And I'm telling you the dude still won't take action because he's scared to death. So to your point, we're looking at this, like, it's, it's rational, they're looking at it like it's emotional. They're like, Oh my god, hold on this money. And if I can get a cheaper roof system on it, or even if it's a few dollars cheaper, I don't care, man, it's just the route that's how they're thinking. They're not thinking I need to be protecting my asset. They're not thinking on a per se so that's, that's the problem. Yep. Hundred percent. And that that conversation goes back to, you know, the guy trying to sell the roof. He's not, you know, he's just trying to sell a roof. You know, jacked around. I work with a company out of Nashville called Music City Roofers. Great guys at Music City Roofers, Jeff Richfield, and his son James. And James said, you know, at their sales meeting, I heard him say, he said, we're not selling a roof guys. He said, he said, we're selling peace of mind. That's what we're selling. He said, we're not selling a roof. We're selling peace of mind. And I like that. Anybody can sell a roof. Anybody can buy a roof. You know anybody can buy a roof system. What you're really selling is a is a belief, conviction and experience your past awesome. Your success. That's what you're selling 100% 

I'm gonna rapid fire a couple questions to you to wrap this up. First question, if you would just recommend one book to our listeners, what would that be? A book that changed my life was the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey. And I know it's old. I know it's old school. I know it's deep. I know it's hard to read. But I'm telling you, if you ever master those seven habits you're going to do those seven habits have helped me produce 10s of millions of dollars. And I borrowed 2500 bucks from my mother, when I was 25 years old to go to the get certified in those seven habits, the best decision I ever made. So that would be the book. I would tell everybody. It's a must. It's a mustache. How do you stay motivated? You know, I'm an interesting creature. I'm never satisfied. I constantly am dissatisfied. I think the root of a lot of evil in the world is complacency, and it is comfort. I think the biggest fight we're facing in America is complacency.


If you study prey drive - the new book I'm writing called flip the switch is coming out next year. What D motivates a person is a satisfied need satisfied needs and ever motivate people only unsatisfied needs. So what happens when you start making a little bit of money, you got a decent car, you got a nice house, you got good kids, whatever the case, you become satisfied. And once you become satisfied, you become complacent. And that's really the world we're living in the United States is we don't have a desire for something. And that doesn't have to be more it just be more of of stretching of pushing toward something greater than where you currently are. So that's one thing that motivates me is the dog fight, man is every day it's gonna be a fight, but we're gonna find a way to win. What do you do for fun? It's interesting. I don't have a lot of hobbies, like a lot of people do golf. I don't. I'm too impatient to be a good golfer. I like traveling. With no schedule. My biggest hobby is what I call creative loafing and creative loafing is me in a cool city.


Doing whatever I want with no schedule nobody to coach just being creative, you know and and I went to Chattanooga, Tennessee this week and I really liked that because the mountains and just a cool little city and I was with my wife and two kids. And to me that was fun man it was it was just fun because my schedule is so packed with the number of people I coach in a week which are which has gotten up into the thousands. That it's that there's really not a lot of time for me to decompress and just be me. And just be not not even be coach Bert not even being super coach, but just be Michael, and just be a husband and just be a father. And you know, so that's really my biggest hobby is just creative loafing with my wife and kids with no schedule. I love it. That's the most important. That's awesome. I love it. Well, we appreciate having you on the podcast. Love you Love your stuff. I know we'll be doing things together in the future. Yeah, love you guys to love you so much have made my kid after you, man.


Appreciate it. Okay, so I've always enjoyed you guys. I've always had a lot of respect for you, I've always enjoyed speaking at your conferences. I think you guys have set a standard, a really, really high standard for your industry that you're in. And you've been a role model to thousands of people. So, congratulations, I'm proud of you. And I'm honored to just be a small part of it. So I'll be ready to come back anytime you want to have me guess that'd be awesome. tell our listeners, where can they find you if they want to look you up? Or where can they find you? You know, I think a lot of people find me on YouTube. You know, I've got 1,000 videos on YouTube. That's a good place to get to know me. Follow me on Instagram at Micheal Burt. I spell it Micheal Burt and go to

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