Is Ripping Off the Band Aid the Only Option with Dr. Sam Jennings II
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Is Ripping Off the Band Aid the Only Option with Dr. Sam Jennings II
September 27, 2023
Anticipation of pain is a significant issue. It has been told that some people training to be Navy SEALS call it quits AFTER a grueling day but BEFORE the next day. They've made it through one more day that tested their limits. But the anticipation of another day, is too much to bear. When we talk about "ripping off the band aid" we tend to mean we're going to a difficult and painful thing, but if we're decisive and quick, that will be better. Perhaps. However, just because something is difficult, doesn't mean it has to be abrupt. There are ways to be decisive, use tact, care, and concern appropriately to reduce the pain of a difficult situation. As Dr. Sam mentions at the top of the episode, an actual bandage was removed using some kind of magic elixir that helped the adhesive dissolve. That didn't change whether the bandage comes off, just the manner in which is needs to exit. As a leader, you will have metaphoric adhesive bandages to remove, it will happen. How you proceed to minimize pain in the process and maximize effectiveness will be imperative. Judgment, experience, and seeking the wisdom of others will help you make an even better decision moving forward. The No More Leadership BS team brings their experiences for their tough decisions that they've managed well and not so well so you can move to your next band aid moment with intentionality.
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