2024 Vision: Challenging the Status Quo and Fostering Growth in Leadership Practices with Jeff Geier
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2024 Vision: Challenging the Status Quo and Fostering Growth in Leadership Practices with Jeff Geier
January 3, 2024
The calendar says we've got to start over. New year, new you, new business models, new goals. Even if the calendar isn't a magical starting point, it does represent new stuff. Could be a new reporting year, a new fiscal year, or a great impetus to start fresh. When we do this, we might consider re-creating the wheel. Throw it all out and start over completely. That may be necessary, but it might be overkill. It could be the case that the wheel itself is just fine, but the tread is not right for the terrain. The wheel metaphor can be used as a status quo - no need to re-create the wheel. But the chance to make a better wheel always exists and can get people fired up for new hotness. As you move into this new year, here are some considerations for you and your team: 1. Success is never static - it's important to continuously innovate and grow. 2. Leaders must assess and refine their strategies constantly. Embrace change for growth and improvement, as change is the only constant. 3. Reflection, assessment, and dreaming big are crucial for successful planning. dreaming big, and tweaking goals for continuous improvement. There is no shortage of opportunity for improvement and the success can be measured in people served, employee engagement, and revenue. The important component is to know what your wheel is, what it's to be used for, and whether it is the best possible option for the goal you are trying to reach. As you reflect on the insights of the No More Leadership BS team, consider the degree to which your wheel (plan, approach, expectations) is calibrated to get you to where you want to be. There is no reason to re-create the wheel, but you may have a need to change nearly every aspect of the wheel you do have.
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