The "It Factor" Can't Replace Leadership, Even if You're Tall
No More Leadership BS
The "It Factor" Can't Replace Leadership, Even if You're Tall
February 1, 2023
"Yeah, but they don't look like an executive." What does an executive look like? Do they resemble the paintings of people who ran the company since it was built and kept in the family tree? Do they look like the namesake for O magazine? Why do we think that the tallest, oldest, or (subjectively) best-dressed person in the room is the leader? What happens when we're wrong about that. Leaders come in all packages; different heights, body sizes, skin tones, and hair types. Wrapped up in what we consider to be professional lie assumptions we have about the quality of a leader and how they physically present to us. The best part is that it's all backed by research and we can also push against it. The No More Leadership BS team tackles the mythological leader extracted from the Big and Tall section to discuss how leadership develops, and can be recognized, in any person. One thing to look for is fighting one's own cognitive bias to find the great qualities in a leader especially when they don't match the pop culture version of what a leader looks like.
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