Customers Who Click
Mastering Google Ads with Shri Kanase
November 15, 2022
In episode 137 of the Customers Who Click podcast, Shri Kanase will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on Google Ads. We’ll cover top tips and challenges with Google Shopping and Performance Max campaigns, how to make your ads stand out, and what not to do. We’ll also cover the importance of making sure your back-end is set-up correctly, and why Google Ads is becoming more competitive. Shri Kanese is the founder of, you can find him on Linkedin or visit his website
Key highlights:

0:45 - Shri’s introduction
02:18 - How Shri gets customers clicking 
04:24 - How to stand out on Google Shopping 
08:48 - Two functions of the ‘Title’ on Google Shopping
11:35 - Keyword Stuffing - why it’s bad
16:44 - Why bounce rate is important 
17:23 - Changes to Google’s algorithm in the last 12 months 
20:13 - Performance Max: good or bad? 
21:27 - Shri’s recommendations to get the most of your ad spend
25:21 - How to account for product returns in Google Ads
26:41 - Differentiating between low intent and buying intent keywords
27:45 - Using blog posts to educate and convert visitors 
31:26 - Why so many ecommerce brands struggle to make search campaigns profitable quickly 
32:50 - Is broad better than narrow targeting? 
35:59 - Shri’s final advice on Google Ads
38:39 - Shri’s ideal lunch guest

If you’d like to connect with Shri, you can connect with him on Linkedin or check out his agency at