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Tackling Shame (Brandy Chase)
April 6, 2022
The importance of understanding and working with emotions cannot be overstated if we are to truly help our clients move forward. As coach Brandy Chase shares, it’s not only our client’s emotions we have to deal with—often, it’s our own.
Brandy Chase is an ACES coach at Mirasee and the founder of Serenimity, a coaching practice that empowers women to find deeper connections with themselves and others. Often, overcoming shame is a big part of that. Shame is a profound emotion that can really tear us apart and hold us back—if we let it.  

In this episode, Brandy and Melinda speak intimately and candidly about the powerful emotions, particularly shame, that can sometimes stand in our way. This beautifully moving episode is packed with insights and tips all coaches can use, not only to help their clients but to also help themselves.

In this episode we discuss:

“Sometimes we're not going to have good weeks…and sometimes there's a reason and sometimes there's not, and it's all okay.”

“I love to work with women and really help them get out of their own way.”


– Brandy Chase

Brandy Chase is the founder of Serenimity and an ACES coach at Mirasee. Her passion is helping people move through the difficulties life throws us to find balance. She believes that we have choices and can grow into stronger people even through the hard times. Through mentoring, owning her own business, raising a family, fighting cancer and overcoming a messy childhood, she has found a way to create positive change in all areas of her life and wants to share that with everyone.

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