Who is Most Responsible, Those People on Our Team or That Person in the Mirror with Dr. Sam Jennings
No More Leadership BS
Who is Most Responsible, Those People on Our Team or That Person in the Mirror with Dr. Sam Jennings
January 31, 2024
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi "Be the ball." - Chevy Chase, Caddyshack (partial quote) There is no shortage of recommendations and phrases for leaders to make change. None of effective ones include, "Scream at people until they do something different." Yet, when leaders want to change culture, the often look at the team and try to figure out how to get them to change their behavior. Effective leaders know that to make change, it will require more effort than slogans on mugs or required email signature phrases. Some examples include: 🔸 People reflect behaviors of those around them - the impact of the "people we spend the most time with," highlights how teaching and connection shape effective learning. 🔸 Open communication and trust are essential and neither is possible without the other. Asking for more information isn't always easy, but will foster better understanding in the workplace. 🔸 Starting with the leader, it is crucial to change one's own behavior to influence change in others. Additionally, self-reflection, honesty, and seeking support will create a space where teams can grow and thrive. Repetitive behavior will earn repetitive results. If we expect different results, it is absolutely necessary to change behavior. Leaders who are not willing to change behavior will likely not enjoy different results. A team of people will rise to expectations if and only if it looks like Leadership is living them out in their work. High expectations met with low engagement will likely not lead to strong outcomes. The No More Leadership BS team has a wealth of experience regarding behavior change in ourselves and in others. We gladly share what has worked, maybe what hasn't, and openly invite you to share your stories as well. You're not alone and the best way to know that is to share your story and see folks who get your point of view, possibly for the first time!
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