Would You Like Your Delicious Word Salad With or Without Comprehension with Jeff Conroy
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Would You Like Your Delicious Word Salad With or Without Comprehension with Jeff Conroy
April 26, 2023
As soon as you have the opportunity, look up your company's or organization's mission and vision statements. After reading them, do you understand how it applies to you? If not, you may have just ingested some very delicious word salad that may seem filling, but will leave you feeling empty before long. It is not abnormal for a company to hire experts in communication to craft a meaningful, engaging, emotional, and sticky message that lands well with the intended audience; usually outside the organization. That same language can ring hollow to the people in the organization at the first level of understanding. How can we ensure that the message is both being crafted and heard with the entire organization in mind? The short answer is, involve them. The application is a much richer process. The No More Leadership BS team discusses some areas where they've seen success, some ideas of what not to do, and a little guidance for how you can improve communication up and down your chain of command.
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  • Jeff Conroy - Organizational and Non-profit Expert, Motivational Speaker, Coach -  Executive Leader | Difference Maker for nonprofits in strategic planning, operations, and fundraising and development. Owner/Founder of Conroy Leadership Consulting, LLC. Reach Jeff at jeff@ConroyleadershipConsulting.com or  208-215-6285

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