Customers Who Click
All About Dropshipping with Ben Knegendorf
November 1, 2022
In episode 135 of the Customers Who Click podcast I discuss all things dropshipping with dropship guru Ben Knegendorf. We’ll be discussing the origins of dropshipping, the different tiers (high to low ticket) and what people need to think about to get started, for example, how to decide what to sell and how to choose a partner. We’ll also discuss different considerations between dropshipping and standard ecommerce, and what kinds of marketing are most effective for the average dropshipping business. Ben is the co-founder of Dropship Breakthru, you can find him on Linkedin or visit his website where you can access his podcast and youtube channel.
Key highlights:

0:09 - Ben’s introduction
0:52 - Getting customers clicking for high-ticket dropshipping 
1:12 - What dropshipping is and how long it’s been around  
3:17 - Targeting customers who are already looking for a specific product 
04:09 - Why go for high-ticket dropshipping? 
05:37 - Differences between dropshipping and ecommerce 
07:46 - Blending dropshipping with own product 
09:41 - How to decide what to sell 
12:41 - When do you need to get a team? 
14:15 - Exiting a dropshipping business 
15:10 - Choosing a dropshipping business partner 
16:53 - How to pitch to companies (to sell their product)
19:14 - Top Tips for getting into dropshipping
21:50 - How to get set up with less than $500 
23:25 - The importance of having a phone number
25:44 - The most common mistakes made in dropshipping 
27:07 - The importance of having website content (not just ads)
29:15 - How to do SEO well 
33:26 - Why transparency and honesty wins 
35:03 - Using content to remarket to website visitors
37:03 - The balance between offering enough choice and too much choice that distracts
40:37 - Final comments on dropshipping
43:21 - Ben’s ideal lunch guest
44:53 - Ben’s recommended marketing tools

If you’d like to hear more from Ben and Dropship Breakthru you can connect with him on Linkedin or head to to listen to his podcast.