People Aren't Widgets; We Can't Measure Their Engagement, Can We?
No More Leadership BS
People Aren't Widgets; We Can't Measure Their Engagement, Can We?
November 2, 2022
“All I want is for people to show up and put 100% of their heart and soul into their work every day. This is not too much to ask!” Employee engagement is a direct result of leadership. Not every person is pining for a promotion. Not every person wants to be told what to do every day, they want to explore. So what? Is it a problem if people are constantly seeking advancement? Is it a problem if people AREN’T seeking advancement? Regardless of an individual’s career aspirations, they are engaged at a level that makes sense for them in their environment. Good news, leaders can measure this engagement and use that as a KPI for employee engagement. WHY? Because engagement is directly related to employee satisfaction and productivity. We bring many different points of view regarding employee engagement, how to measure it, and why even bother.
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