Communication Across the Generational Aisle
No More Leadership BS
Communication Across the Generational Aisle
July 14, 2021
People decades apart in age often find that they have different attitudes about the workplace and appropriate behavior—sometimes because of the era during which they grew up, but also because of their different life and career stages. Aaron Borg of Seven Nine Media, an employer branding specialist joins us today and sorts fact from fiction surrounding the generational styles while giving down-to-earth tips on communication that everyone can use.
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Aaron Borg, Owner/Operator of SevenNine Media loves helping companies succeed in their talent acquisition efforts through strategic Employer Branding. He's helped companies define their culture, market their culture, and recruit talent to scale up their businesses for the last ten years. Opportunities exist for companies who want to showcase themselves for talent acquisition purposes. Combining his profession and his passion is where his desire to provide Employer Branding services was born.

If you would like to reach out to Aaron, you can call/text him at 208-215-5812. at his website, or email at