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222. CHRIS SCHROEDER-Never Letting DYSLEXIA slow him down from Achieving His Dreams
May 2, 2022
In this episode, you will learn about. How Chris moved through life with his dyslexia, which didn't stop him from achieving. Being a sponsored athlete, it's important to follow you're passion for a sport you truly love. Learn how Chris made his transition from Pro Triathlete to Pro Gravel and starting his own Pro Gravel Team.

216. Diamond Factory Racing GRAVEL Team | Chris Schroeder

My family and I moved to the beautiful ski town of Telluride, CO when I was in kindergarten. I grew up skiing, hiking and enjoying life in the mountains. I thrived on being outside and honing my skills as a skier because at school things were tough. 
As a dyslexic young boy, the school became increasingly difficult and confusing as I got older. In 7th grade, he was transferred to a boarding school, especially for dyslexic students. 
There, he used sports as a way to keep him focused and to burn off the energy and frustration from school

 One of my teachers introduced him to cycling, he found that it not only made him feel physically stronger but also made him feel emotionally more centred and focused. 
He started competing in races and when his family moved to NYC, he joined a cycling team. 
Chris discovered Triathlon and is now is a PRO Gravel Racer
For the next three years, I pursued diligently my dream of becoming a professional triathlete. In July 2015, I achieved my goal of becoming a professional triathlete. I went on to race professionally for 5 years however in 2020 I decided I needed change. Seeing the new sport of gravel cycling in the United States start to grow I took part in my first event and decided it was for me and never looked back.


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