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216. Diamond Factory Racing GRAVEL Team | Chris Schroeder
April 18, 2022
In the episode you will learn about: New Partnership between EX Pro Triathlete Chris Schroeder & Diamond Factory Racing to create a NEW Pro Gravel Team for 2022. Follow along as Chris embarks on a new role of Team Manager.

For the next three years, I pursued diligently my dream of becoming a professional triathlete. In July 2015, I achieved my goal of becoming a professional triathlete. I went on to race professionally for 5 years however in 2020 I decided I needed change. Seeing the new sport of gravel cycling in the United States start to grow I took part in my first event and decided it was for me and never looked back.

This year Chris partnered with Diamond Factory Racing and is in the process of building a Pro Gravel Race team.


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