Getting to Aha! with Darshan Mehta
The Art of Data Visualization with Randy Krum, Founder & Chief Designer at InfoNewt
March 4, 2022
In this episode of Getting to Aha!, Darshan Mehta is joined by Randy Krum, Founder & Chief Designer at InfoNewt. They discuss Randy’s aha! journey, his career, the design process for clients’ data insights, simple marketing strategies and psychology, presentation of data, and much more.
Randy Krum is a Data Visualization & Infographics Designer, Author, Consultant, Speaker, Instructor, and President at InfoNewt. He is also the owner & author of Cool Infographics and is passionate about communicating insights through visuals. He liaises with multiple companies to visualize internal data such as internal processes, marketing strategies, consumer experiences, product differentiation, qualitative and quantitative research, website statistics, and so on.


👉 Visualize your data because visual information is not only easier and faster to understand, but it's more memorable.

👉 “Go beyond (software) defaults.”

👉 “Focus on one thing that you're trying to communicate, don't try and throw everything into one chart.”

👉 “Try to minimize the text as much as possible and make as much of that communication visual as you can so that they're paying attention to you, to visuals, to where we're trying to focus your attention…”

👉 Be different. Think outside the box. Approach all work with a fresh perspective and tap into something simple yet unique that will resonate with those employing your services. 

👉 People like to feel like they belong in a story. They like to feel like the message is meant for them alone. Communicate to that part of them. 

👉 Make your visuals relevant to the data/message you're trying to pass across and make them memorable for the audience.

👉 “Data visualization design is not about making your charts pretty. It's really about communicating the data.” Data visualization is more about storytelling; therefore, tell a great story through your design. 

👉 Help clients figure out the insights they want to communicate and access the thought processes behind them by walking them through a design process.

👉 Know your audience and what you want them to do with the data you provide them. People only need you to tell them what to do to do what you need them to do. Instead of a heavy sales pitch or a heavy-handed persuasiveness, a simple call to action will do the trick most of the time.

👉 Get involved in trials and market experiments to gauge your market’s understanding of your data and their response to it. 

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