When a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats, Are You the Tide or the Boat with Geoff McLachlan
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When a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats, Are You the Tide or the Boat with Geoff McLachlan
April 3, 2024
Leaders are only as effective as their team. Teams are only as effective as their leader. Maybe? Maybe teams can be effective in spite of poor leadership. Maybe leaders can influence teams to do better than any one of them would if left to their own devices. Leaders have the ability to influence teams in positive and negative ways. They get to be the tide, in this metaphor. But if the leader is trying to lift the boats, and the boats are anchored or in disrepair, no amount of tide will lift the boats. As leaders want to lift the boats, they have to ensure that the boats are ready to be lifted. 🚀 The Power of Group Dynamics: Surrounding yourself with the right people can lift you up and propel you further in your personal and professional journey. The rising tide lifts all boats, and the right group can amplify your success and outlook. 🚀 Qualities to Seek in Your Circle: Integrity, optimism, and curiosity are essential traits to look for in the individuals you choose to surround yourself with. These qualities contribute to a positive, growth-oriented mindset that can spark new ideas and possibilities. 🚀 Embracing Generosity: The gift of giving, whether it's time, knowledge, or support, is a crucial element in fostering strong relationships and mutual growth. By embodying a spirit of generosity, you contribute to creating a supportive and enriching environment. There is no shortage of reasons why teams do not do well. the No More Leadership BS team recommends you don't worry about assigning blame, but take responsibility. Take responsibility for who you learn from, who you teach, and how you continuously evaluate your leadership skills and abilities. We believe there is no situation that is made worse by a better leader. Leaders get better by surrounding themselves with better leaders. If you're the best leader in the room, it's time to find a new room - keep challenging yourself and teaching others.

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