Just Between Coaches
February 23, 2022
Coaches often use “gremlins” to help clients spot, halt and reverse self-sabotaging behaviors, but Melinda Cohan teaches another approach. Coach Lori Wayne explains how they use this powerful tool to create awareness and positive momentum. Bonus: Check the show notes for a link to a free PDF guide to Melinda's VILLAINS and SUPERPOWERS™.
Change is hard for everyone, and resistance is normal, but when resistance is a result of self-sabotage, coaches need to dig a little deeper to help clients call out the villains responsible. Often these patterns of behavior are so ingrained that clients have a hard time spotting them. Fortunately, certified business coach Lori Wayne and host Melinda Cohan have a lighthearted solution to what can be a weighty issue.

In this episode, filled with insight and practical advice, Melinda has an in-depth and fun conversation with Lori about how to spot and call out these self-sabotaging villains along with proven methods to reverse their effects. We all have skills, insights and gifts (our superpowers) in direct opposition to every villain. As coaches, it’s our job to guide our clients to see that the power to grow and change is always within them.

Click here for a FREE bonus PDF guide to The Coaches Console’s VILLAINS and SUPERPOWERS™ (scroll to the bottom of the page in the link to get your free copy).

“Let it be safe to let something just go that we think is 80% good; done is better than perfect. ”
– Lori Wayne

Lori Wayne, the founder of Lori Rochelle Wayne LLC, is in the business of empowering people to take action for change and growth in their lives, careers, and businesses. Lori has been a corporate coach and has managed sales training nationally for a Fortune 500 Company, and runs multiple profitable businesses of her own. In addition to being an ACES Coach at Mirasee, she’s also a certified Business Building Coach with Coaches Console and a member of the Coaches Console Core Team. She’s the program manager for the Coaches Console high-end business building coaching programs, including the 2020 Maximum Impact Mastermind Program and the Accelerator Program. 

Lori loves the breakthrough work she does with her clients integrating practical strategies for financial success with personal growth. She believes that all things are possible and that we really can have it all – great relationships, careers and businesses that we love, financial abundance, hobbies and interests that we are passionate about, and the time and money to pursue them.

Lori volunteers her time to build homes with Habitat for Humanity. She loves working in her garden, going to antique auctions, and riding her horses (the farther, the faster, the better) in the mountains of Colorado. And she is a perpetual learner of new things and is currently learning how to do Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

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