If Fluffy Words Aren't Doing the Trick, How Do We Build a Culture of Community with Jeff Conroy
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If Fluffy Words Aren't Doing the Trick, How Do We Build a Culture of Community with Jeff Conroy
January 24, 2024
A part of a leader's responsibilities is to ensure that the right people are in the right seat on the boat and rowing the same direction at the same cadence. It's a big ask of everyone. The question is what happens if the leader is not present. Does the team still function well or do they kind of fall apart? This consideration is a great indicator of culture and how it is lived out. If people do what they're told because a leader is there, they might be effective, but it's limited. If people continue to fulfill expectations when the leader is NOT there, this is an indicator of community in the work culture. When people support each other in a way that makes sense for them and the organization, it's more than doing a job, it's having a community of support in your work culture. Some ways to move forward include... 1. Engage Employees in Finding Solutions: engaging employees and not accepting "I don't know" as an answer when addressing challenges. Actively involving your team in finding solutions can lead to a more empowered and positive workplace culture. 2. Purposeful Questioning and Active Listening: the way questions are asked on employee responses and the need for active listening to improve organizational culture. Developing effective questioning abilities as leaders can lead to more productive discussions and a healthier work environment. 3. Measurement and Feedback: measuring the success of culture improvement efforts and suggested data points to gauge workplace culture, including absentee rates, engagement in troubleshooting, turnover rates, retention rates, and customer satisfaction. Understanding and acting on measurable data can guide leaders in making informed decisions to improve company culture. People want, no, need to be engaged and have a sense of belonging. This is true in their families, chosen relationships, and work environments. Bosses might have tricks to make people feel involved, but an effective leader will deploy strategies to engage people in meaningful ways. As an example, do not start a "Diversity Committee," and then ignore any recommendations or requests the committee brings forth. Not only is it not helpful, it will also give employees a very strong reason to disengage from that committee AND the culture as it has been demonstrated that their contribution is not valued. Engage employees in meaningful ways, not performative ways. This includes listening and asking questions. Then, Effective Leader, respond appropriately and accordingly to the feedback you receive. We've been around this block a few times before. The No More Leadership BS team offers insights, recommendations, and just a smidgen of storytelling to bring the idea of workplace community to life.
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