The Power of Retreats: Creating Meaningful Experiences to Fuel Organizational Growth with Jeff Conroy
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The Power of Retreats: Creating Meaningful Experiences to Fuel Organizational Growth with Jeff Conroy
December 20, 2023
"Oh how cute. The muckity-mucks are going on a work vacation they call a 'retreat'." It's not terribly difficult to understand this sentiment based on pop culture. Also, some stories coming out of a retreat doesn't do the planning mechanism any good. Turns out retreats can be (and should be) very effective ways to plan for the year as well as develop new skills, abilities, and strengthen relationships. When you plan or want to advocate for an effective retreat, here are some thoughts to move toward a positive direction: 1. What's In a Name. If retreats have a poor reputation, consider "leadership summit" or "strategic off-site" for ways to better communicate what will be happening; then do that. 2. A Seat at the Table: When the right folks are in the room, the experience can emphasize the need for active involvement, clear expectations, and collaboration in planning the retreat and deploying the ideas will help to achieve meaningful outcomes that truly benefit your team. 3. No-Judgment Zone: While it should be true all throughout the year, the entire team will benefit from the value of cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment during retreats, where team members can freely engage, express ideas, and build trust without fear of judgment. There are many ways to structure a retreat. The No More Leadership BS team gains heated agreement on elements that can lead to an effective event. The group has been through many iterations of retreats and similar and have earned and learned different ways to be effective. One of the biggest takeaways from the group in regards to an effective retreat is to BE PRESENT. This does not mean to simply attend, but to give one's self over to the full experience, step away from the email, and appreciate the opportunity to get to know your colleagues better. "Wherever you are, be there." ~ Jim Rohn
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