Ship is Afloat, Set a Heading for… Somewhere Else?
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Ship is Afloat, Set a Heading for… Somewhere Else?
July 20, 2022
Still using the ship/business metaphor, at this point, the crisis has been averted and now you know you’ve got a ship, it’s seaworthy, and it looks like you’re able to be more intentional than reactive. One of the things that’s necessary is to take stock of losses, damages, and what is still working. This requires a keen eye, understanding data (all information, not just numbers), and full preparation to avoid stepping on stink pickles. Seaworthy? Great. Now, how to get the crew on the right work? Being busy feels good, but it doesn’t mean it’s the right busy. After a crisis there could be a sense of agitation where people haven’t yet calmed down to find their direction and get back to basics rather than doing all the things all at once. Our motley crew of leaders brings their experiences, observations, and questions to examine a newly righted ship and how to make sure it’s set up to avoid the next crisis.
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