Can We Please Cut the BS and Focus on Good Work?!
No More Leadership BS
Can We Please Cut the BS and Focus on Good Work?!
January 25, 2023
omigosh I'm so busy!! Seems to be a VERY common expectation that everyone is very busy all the time. If we're not busy, then it seems we must be slacking. That includes taking intentional time off - nope, not busy! WTF What's This Foolishness?? If we're all as busy as we say we are and the new strategic plan has a whole load of NEW goals, when, precisely, will we work on the new goals? How do we just keep adding stuff to our to do lists and expectations for achievement? We don't. Something's got to go. What do people cut out first? Sleep. Family time. Meals (not food, meals). What if when work gets piled on, we cut OUT what might now be unnecessary work? If you want to evaluate whether something gets cut, is that thing Imperative, Important, or Optional? How do you know? The No More Leadership BS group provides perspectives, insights, and an opportunity for you to reflect on what you're going to quit doing to make room for the more important things in your personal and professional life.
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