The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
Episode 279: Sales Enablement: The Unsung Hero of Your Revenue Performance with Stephanie Benavidez
August 8, 2023
When it comes to sales enablement, many sales leaders expect immediate and exceptional results. However, this is not a realistic expectation. Effective sales enablement requires consistency, patience, and time. By improving just 1% each day, we can see a significant impact over time. But the question remains… How do sales ops and sales enablement drive performance and skill proficiency? To help us with this topic, we’re talking to Stephanie Benavidez, a Sales Enablement Thought Leader and former Head of Sales Enablement at Loadsmart.
Now that you’ve learned how sales enablement drives your sales performance and business growth…learn how to apply other tactics and tools for a disruptive B2B marketing and sales strategy. Check out the full list of episodes here: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, and instructions on how to rate and review the show are here.

Guest: Stephanie Benavidez, a Sales Enablement Thought Leader

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