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How To Identify A Narcissist With 3 Simple Questions
October 6, 2022
It can be tricky trying to figure out someone's character if you don't know them that well, especially if they happen to be a narcissist. They tend to be very charming when you're first getting to know them and can easily come across as the perfect friend, employee or lover. Narcissists can be difficult to deal with in both a professional and personal capacity, so it's helpful to gain some insight into their behavior before letting them into your life. This episode will teach you how to distinguish between healthy self-esteem and genuine narcissism.
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Narcissistic abuse is a huge problem in today's society, yet it is rarely talked about, even though the effects are devastating. If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist, you will have suffered at their hands. In the beginning, they are charming and intoxicating, but over time they become controlling and manipulative, and they will drain you emotionally and financially. Patricia Edwards is a narcissistic abuse survivor, and she created this podcast to help other people heal from narcissistic abuse. If you are suffering from this kind of toxic abuse, this podcast can help you break free.

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