Customers Who Click
Dominating Through Customer Experience
December 14, 2021
In episode 89 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had an amazing conversation with Paul Davis, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of ShoeSize.Me, which is an AI-based shoe sales assistant for the e-commerce market. In this conversation, we talk about the customer journey and the impact of providing customers with alternatives.
"The opportunity to turn anything into a feel-good purchase is a really great thing to do for a shopper, because I think also that the next following things is okay, not only how you help the shopper buy right now, the thing that they're looking for, but also then how do you create an ongoing interaction with them."

It's one thing to have one-time customers use your website, make an uneventful purchase, and move on to the next store. It’s another thing to have customers come back over and over again for the provided service. A challenge with most D2C brands in this context is providing an unrivaled customer experience for online customers. 

Paul is a B2B SaaS sales leader with international experience in the USA, EMEA, and Scandinavia. With his experience in sales, he creates simple processes to generate revenue growth. 

You can follow ShoeSize.Me on LinkedIn or talk to Paul on LinkedIn