Journaling For Wellness
Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health and How to Start
May 29, 2021
Did you know that journaling is good for your mental and physical health? Studies have shown that writing down positive thoughts can help you feel better. In fact, this simple task causes your brain to release "feel-good" hormones called neurotransmitters which improve mood and reduce anxiety.
Journaling is more than a way to preserve memories, it is also a way to preserve a sense of self. It's a therapeutic tool that can help people reduce stress, manage their emotions, and solve problems. There are many benefits that come from journaling, from helping people process their emotions to organizing their thoughts. In addition to these benefits, journaling is also a good time for reflection.

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Journaling can help people process difficult emotions or feelings. Sometimes therapists recommend journaling for those who are having trouble identifying what is wrong or why they feel the way they do. This gives them space to think about what they're feeling and why.