The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
Episode 310: Modernizing Hiring Criteria for Next-Gen Leaders
April 2, 2024
It used to be so easy to hire a professional with hundreds of CVs flooding your inbox. But the game has changed, and to become the best, you need the best. Technology has changed the rules, and that's where the problem lies. Well then, we have a big question: How can you shed some of your limited beliefs when it comes to hiring criteria and modernize them to help you hire effective leaders? To help us with this today, we have Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search. Bringing nearly three decades of experience in executing recruiting, Ken has witnessed the industry's transformation firsthand and has developed his skills in identifying exceptional talent. Additionally, Ken hosts the Hiring Matters podcast and serves on the boards of organizations like San Diego Sport Innovators, Junior Achievement of San Diego County, and Talentor International.
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GUEST: Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search

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