That Goldilocks was Full of BS, Man!!
No More Leadership BS
That Goldilocks was Full of BS, Man!!
October 12, 2022
Too hot, too cold. Too long, too short. In the middle, it was just right. A whole swath of leaders in middle management would LOVE to debate Goldie on this one. Being in middle management is rewarding and stressful. It is very likely that middle management is great for some people, likely most people since many leaders are between. Between a manager and a supervisor. Between a customer and a producer. Between the C-suite and the board. What now? How can we manage being in the middle while meeting the needs of those on all sides of us? It isn’t easy, in fact, there’s a song about being stuck in the middle. In our case, we’ve been there, we’ve advised others in middle management, and we’ve got some thoughts on how to make the middle leadership roles more meaningful than trying to do what everybody wants all the time. And that is just right.
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