Exits Made Easy
The Power of Brand - Amazing Exit vs Average Exit
August 18, 2023
Ecom Made Easy with Ben Leonard - the simple strategy to get people to love your e-commerce brand, from an expert who has actually been there and done it! A few episodes back I spoke about the 7 Foundations of Value. The 7 key aspects you need to consider when building your e-commerce business to sell it. We've covered timing, stability, documentation, defensibility, diversity, and suppliers in our previous episodes. Now it's time to talk about the power of branding! In this episode of Ecom Made Easy, Ben shares valuable insights on what makes an amazing exit vs an average exit. Ben provides practical examples of branding that have helped him sell his business for 7-figures. Don't miss out on these expert tips to optimize your business and maximize its value. Subscribe for more valuable content and visit www.ecombrokers.co.uk for a seamless exit strategy for your ecommerce business.