Selling A SaaS Then Starting An Agency With Dave Schneider, CEO at Shortlist
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Selling A SaaS Then Starting An Agency With Dave Schneider, CEO at Shortlist
February 3, 2021
In this episode, Tom is joined by Dave Schneider, CEO at Shortlist. They discuss Dave's previous bootstrapped SaaS business: Ninja Outreach, how they grew that, sold it and then why Dave decided to start an agency.
Approximately four years ago, I spent 6 hours detailing how we bootstrapped the build of our software business: Virtual Valley.

I then published this onto the blog of an up and coming influencer marketing/outreach tool: Ninja Outreach.

Ninja Outreach were a few steps ahead of us:

That CEO was Dave Schneider.

Dave went on to grow Ninja Outreach and ultimately sell it.

He now runs health and wellness eCommerce agency: Shortlist.

I wanted to bring Dave onto the show to understand:

Take a listen... and let me know if I achieved these things!

Keep growing,

Tom - SaaS Marketer

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