Talent Talks
Discovering the Leaders of Tomorrow
January 12, 2017
This podcast episode features a short QA with Mark Oppenheimer, group chief commercial innovation officer for global talent consultancy boutique Marlin Hawk. Based in New York City, Mark is the chief architect behind his firm’s vision and just-launched candidate assessment analytics tool. As Mark points out, organizations everywhere are looking for better ways to recruit and retain good quality people to drive effectiveness and performance in their business. Executive search firms are stepping up with an array of assessment tools that are making massive strides in the field of candidate assessment analytics. Their hope and desire is to discover the leaders of tomorrow before someone else does! It is, today, the hottest area in the talent management and leadership sector. One of the more enticing assessment launches comes this week from Marlin Hawk, which offers a suite of leadership advisory services catering to all aspects of the talent agenda. Branded ‘ATHENA’ after the Greek goddess, the name intentionally suggests a fusion of wisdom, courage, inspiration, justice, mathematics, strategy, arts and crafts. It is a behavioral and personality assessment tool designed to peel back the layers to uncover a candidate’s deeper personality and tendencies – revealing how they are wired and what motivates them to succeed. Could ATHENA be the break-through assessment tool we have all been waiting for? Mark Oppenheimer tells us in this highly engaging and informative podcast.