Be an Effective Leader by Getting Rid of all that Baggage You're Carrying Around
No More Leadership BS
Be an Effective Leader by Getting Rid of all that Baggage You're Carrying Around
February 15, 2023
Dress sharply. Style your hair just right. Whiten your teeth. These are your keys to the C-suite. Look how you want to look, but how do leaders behave? How much BS have we observed and believed because of it's overwhelming presence? "People perform better with financial incentives," is NOT true, but it's a common leadership trope that people believe. This is just one example of many that keeps leaders from being more than barely adequate. How does one develop into a good leader, dare we say a great leader? By starting with leadership development now. The first step is to unlearn bad habits. The second step miles down that road is to earn better habits. It turns out that the best leaders grew and learned through practice, coaching, and mentorship. The No More Leadership BS team offers ways to reconsider leadership to ensure that leaders are being effective, authentic, and can very likely improve employee retention and engagement through their own development. Self-improvement is not selfish, it's an investment. No one else is going to invest in you more than you do. Leaders leveling up is up to you!
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