Customers Who Click
Optimizing the Post-Purchase Journey with Blake Imperl
October 4, 2022
In episode 131 of the Customers Who Click podcast I have the pleasure of welcoming Blake Imperl on my show for the second time. We’ll be discussing the post-purchase customer journey and how Wonderment are helping Shopify stores to own the communication with customers after they have made a purchase, which ultimately makes them happier and more likely to return. The average consumer checks their order status, about four to five times post purchase, and typically it’s absurd to think is that we've always sent that traffic to a FedEx or DHL, or USPS or Royal Mail, whatever that case is. And we're really missing a lot of opportunity to drive that traffic back to our site. Trust is essential for any business, and it comes about through social proof, and the way the company acts and behaves. If a company treats its customers well, gives them a great experience on top of a great product, they’ll see conversion and retention. Blake is Head of Merchant Enablement at Wonderment, you can find him on Linkedin or Twitter.
Key highlights:

0:14 - Blake’s Introduction
0:50 - How to keep customers clicking post-purchase
09:49 - The importance of the tracking page
12:17 - Tailored communication 
14:48 - Branded transactional emails & Privacy laws 
19:52 - Swipe file of great transactional emails
20:47 - First time vs returning customers
28:10 - Getting Customer Feedback
36:11 - The Price of Communication
40:45 - Top Tips for Tracking pages
44:47 - Brands who are doing it right

If you’d like to hear more from Blake, you can connect with him on Linkedin or head over to