No More Leadership BS is LIVE! Time to Meet the Team.
No More Leadership BS
No More Leadership BS is LIVE! Time to Meet the Team.
May 20, 2021
Introducing the team of leadership speakers, coaches, and trainers in our first ever podcast. Stop by and say "Howdy."
[00:00:01] Jeff C:  Everyone's got opinions when it comes to leadership. And let's be honest, how many experts do we all know? But where can we find real leadership advice that's not Bs? Well, look no further welcome to no B. S. Leadership. We're on each episode we attempt to expose the gap between what leaders think they should be doing and what actually works without the Bs, join Myra Geoff with a G. Dr. Sam, Jeffrey and me, Jeff with a C As we work to debunk those leadership myths. Listen in as we irritate some, inform others and challenge all leaders to discover a better path to the leadership excellence we all want, And welcome to the very first Leadership Bs podcast, a podcast where we discuss the myths and the fantasies of what it means to be a great leader versus what it means to be an exceptional leader. We'll go through what is out there in books and in philosophies and in theories and we break it down to tell you how it really is. My name is Jeff Conroy and I am surrounded by a team of amazing leaders. And we're going to sit here every episode and discuss a topic that is burning and we want to talk about what really happens and how it really goes when it comes to leadership as opposed to the fantasy land that so many books have out there. I'm gonna start off by saying I get to work with a team of amazing leaders with exceptional experience and exceptional leadership skills. And the four of us have come together and developed this podcast. So I'm going to start off and introduce our only female of the group, the lovely the Beautiful Miss Myra Hall. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

[00:02:08] Myra H: Well, Jeff, I am so excited to be here. This is one of our dreams ever since we got to know each other, so and we are going to kick it out of the park.  My name, as he said, it's Myra Hall and I have been In real estate for about 17 years and that at the end of my career I realized I was not doing what I was put here to do. I made the transition to coach and uh specifically a leadership coach, helping you lead yourself, your team, or your company. Um and along the way, I actually lead a team in real estate and learned a lot about what doesn't work and what other people say works and you follow their advice religiously and you have to learn the hard way. So we're hoping to take that log out of the road for you.  And along the way, I'm I want to help you get to where you are by removing the potholes, the logjams, whatever standing in your way. Um so that you can realize the life that you deserve to live. And from here, I want to pass you on to our own Dr. Sam.

[00:03:31] Dr. Sam: Hey, thanks Myra, I'm Dr. Sam Jennings and thanks for the kickoff there. I have been in higher education for a long time and had great experiences there. What I learned along the way was that I really got my energy from helping people unpacked their situations. That was perhaps students, peers, colleagues, even occasional Supervisor or two along the way, and realized that gives me a lot of energy. So I created a company 360 Clarity where we empower your success and that's what we do. So when we talk about leadership Bs, what we're saying is like Jeff has already indicated there's a lot of great information and recommendations and texts and so on, so forth. It's good implementing it is rough because people are people and they don't respond the way you might expect it every time. So we help you work through that help you work through those humps that maybe you're you can't quite get over it. Maybe because you're inside your own box, you can't quite see. So we're gonna help do that throughout the podcast. We're gonna answer your questions and you know what? We might just giggling each other once too along the way and up next on our agenda. Here we have g off, please sir, Take it away.

[00:04:39] Geoff M: Well, hello everybody, I'm so glad to be here as dr sam said he was from higher education. I come from the world of lower education, uh spent a lot of time in schools, the public school system, working all across the country. I've worked with over a million people uh speaking training, doing leadership. And it's a wonderful world to come from. I love academia and because of that world, I ended up going into the corporate world at the request of business people's spouses who were watching me work with students and they said we need you to come and do some of the stuff that you do. So I found in my own company called professionals at play and our whole uh philosophy is to engage and help people be more productive and profitable and all of that is through the lens of play. So I am so excited to get to be here, to play with you guys, uh to have fun to learn and to explore this the whole world of leadership because we've seen a lot of it and we've seen a lot of it done well and we've seen a lot of it done really not well. And so we just want to make sure that people have the very best information out there to go forth and to be a great leader to make sure that they have a positive impact, not only in their employees but in the world whole as a whole. So we're going to throw it back over to Jeff. Conroy to introduce himself and uh well, rock and roll from there.

[00:05:58] Jeff C: Well, thank you, Jeff. Uh Jeff said my name is Jeff, He's Geoff with a G. I'm Jeff with a J. It's not Jeff squared. It's just Jeff with a J. Uh My background is nonprofits and business. I spent 30 years in the nonprofit world working for small, medium, and large nonprofits.  So I have a ton of experience when it comes to all things nonprofits. And what's really interesting is what I learned that a lot of the nonprofit information is rolls right over into the for-profit uh, Sector. Being the 501 C is simply a tax code. It is not who you are. So you're a business, you just have a different tax code than for-profits have. So there's your nugget for the day. My experience goes back to wanting to work with smaller nonprofits, to help them avoid the pitfalls and uh give them the resources that they don't know what they don't know. I've always felt that people that are in an industry for an extended amount of time have a duty to work with the smaller newer organizations to help them along because you have a wealth of knowledge to share and you should share it. So that's what I've been doing. About two years ago I started my own company called Conroy Leadership consulting. And about a year and a half ago I got hooked up with these three orangutans and the three of the four of us have decided to create our own zoo. But this podcast called Leadership B. S. And we are so excited to do this. Here is how it's going to layout. Every week we're going to take a topic and we're going to take a myth or a fable or a fact about leadership and break it down and talk about our experiences with it. If we can give you some resources with it even better. But we want to break it down every week. At the end of every episode, we're going to ask you to email us, email us. Your success is your experience with the topic or another topic that you have. And every episode we will answer one of those emails and if we answer your email you will get a DISC behavior assessment and a professional debrief from one of the four of us. The email that you need to send your pain, your success uh You're questioned two is um ask us at Leadership Bs dot C. O. We want you to do that because like I said, if we use your question or your email you will receive a disc behavior assessment and a professional debriefed. So we're pretty excited about that. We kind of want to make this as interactive as possible. We want to answer the questions that you have. We have a ton and we have a ton of resources but we want to answer your questions and use our experience to work with you and help you. So with that being said, we are excited to be around for a while and we have a ton of topics to cover. And for every episode uh you will learn something new, I guaran-damn-tee it. So with that, stay tuned and here we go with our next episode. Mhm. Oh yeah.