When Setting Goals May NOT Be the Pathway to Success
No More Leadership BS
When Setting Goals May NOT Be the Pathway to Success
April 20, 2022
When only 8% of the people who take the time and effort to set goals actually reach them, there must be something wrong with the whole goal-setting system. After all, if you are setting goals, success is the motivation, isn't it? Myra Hall of Waypoint Coaching Group uncovers the myth that goals create success and together with the rest of the No BS Gang digs deep to shine some light on why this may be a flawed concept in theory, but can be one of the foundational building blocks of success when taken personally.
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  • Myra Hall - Individual and Team Coaching, Midlife Mentoring- Helping you identify and overcome the hard things that stand in the way of what you want to do and where you want to go - Owner/Founder Waypoint Coaching Group Reach Myra at Myra@WaypointCoachingGrp.com or 765-623-9711

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