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Focus On Value, Not Self-Worth (Dallas Travers)
January 18, 2023
As coaches, we want to see our clients succeed but how much focus should we place on their results? In this episode, Melinda talks with business coach, Dallas Travers about the negative impacts of basing your worth on your client’s success.
Dallas Travers is the brain behind The Hive and the Ripple Effect System. She helps purpose driven coaches simplify what they focus on while building their businesses without compromising their values.

In this episode we discuss:

“And then we're on this worth roller coaster… where my worth is determined by an outcome that I have no control over.”  – Dallas Travers

Dallas Travers

If you're a coach who serves everyday people who want their businesses to flourish, you need to know Dallas Travers. She has created a Ripple Effect System that teaches the exact steps to attract paying clients, build your list daily, then scale your business with a course so you never again have to wonder, "what should I do today?". 

Dallas started her journey as a coach by successfully carving out a new cottage industry in entertainment where she taught actors the entrepreneurial skills they need to acquire acting work without a talent agent. She then expanded her reach and began to mentor other coaches, which then gave birth to The Hive.

Today, Dallas is on a mission to help purpose driven coaches build values-centered businesses and question the commonly accepted practices inside the online world to make an authentic impact without compromise.

Her clients have had a lot of firsts: first paying client, first five figure launch, first five figure day, first six figure year... all with confidence + clarity because they finally have a plan that feels good + the tools to implement.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
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  3. Dallas’ website
  4. Dallas’ podcast
  5. Book mentioned in the episode: The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci


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