Getting to Aha! with Darshan Mehta
Abandoning Alcoholic Rituals with Ila Byrne, Co-Founder at Parch Spirits Co.
November 10, 2023
In this episode of Getting to Aha!, Darshan Mehta is joined by Ila Byrne, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Parch Spirits Co.
In this episode of Getting to Aha!, Darshan Mehta is joined by Ila Byrne, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Parch Spirits Co. Together, they delve into why you should always keep your finger on the pulse of your chosen industry; how the alcohol market is experiencing a massive shake-up; and why constant curiosity and observation are key to figuring out consumer insights.

Ila Byrne is a successful multi-brand creator and beverage innovator with a passion for the future of holistic drinking. She led innovation strategy and ideation for Diageo North America for five years. Her strategic recommendations on ‘Drinking Better’ led to a shift in the global business vision for Diageo to address the 'low & no' opportunities. In 2019 she was named by Forbes as one of the "Women Running the Liquor World." She has over fifteen years of international marketing and innovation expertise and is an Effie-winning creative force with strong cultural acumen and a passionate desire to improve the world through sustainable ideas.


👉 Ila owes her success in consumer insights to constant curiosity and observation. It’s about observing how people are engaging, whether it's watching certain shows on TV or noticing behaviors in different industries. She’s constantly curious about why different things connect with people, which has helped her to become the best entrepreneur she possibly can be. Those in the entrepreneurial space would do well to imitate her, to learn and gather as much information as they can.

👉 Over the last decade, beer and wine have been declining in popularity in the alcohol market, and spirits are constantly increasing. That’s owed largely to the fact that people believe they don’t give them much of a hangover, and people are now, more than ever, educated on how alcohol works. This is something Ila has obsessively researched and has integrated into her business, enabling her to create the best brand she can. 

👉 The modern drinker is someone who is in the moment; someone who abandons rituals and remains their true self, rather than their artificial self. Ila has tapped into this, overcoming old rituals and making it a point to say ‘we’re not anti-alcohol, we’re pro moderation and advocates for information’. At Parch, they want people to make their own informed choices and grant them the ability to make them. She admits that they’re not quite there yet, they’re only just beginning to really talk to liquor stores.
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