Mental Health is Health
No More Leadership BS
Mental Health is Health
August 10, 2022
Imagine a supervisor is doing their bossy-boss thing, and an employee comes up to them. The employee says, “Sorry I’m late, I had an accident, but I should be good. I just need to take care of some things and I’ll be ready to work.” The supervisor looks up and sees a clearly disheveled person who has a completely observable broken leg. The supervisor can take two courses of action 1) okay, well, feel better soon or, 2) nope, we’re calling 911 right now. There is no situation where we would expect the employee to go to work. But if the employee comes in and says they’re not doing well, are depressed, or have other non-visual stressors, a supervisor might be less excitable and then choose option 1 from above. There’s no good reason the brain should not be considered in the realm of “health.” As leaders, helping to support employees as they live their lives, including at work, we should know some things to look for, resources to offer, and setting the tone for the importance of mental health on the individual, the team, and the whole organization.
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