Business Launch Podcast
Featuring Dominic Cabrera - World Class Sessions Musician and leading Drummer in Australia
November 18, 2022
Carlo Selorio interviews Domenic Cabrera where he shares his story about overcoming O.C.D. (Obesessive Compulsive Disorder) to becoming one of Australia's leading sessions drummer and breaking through the Music Industry in Sydney where has played for Chris and Guy Sebastian, Conrad Sewell, Jessica Mauboy, Delta Goodrem, Jessie J, Craig David, Seal, Ronan Keating, Stan Walker and lots more. Dom's top 3 for Musicians, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: 1. find calmness in your heart, you know, in calmness. I think the best decision. Come from that, um, uh, where emotions start, intelligence ends. 2. Just be true to yourself. 3. Stay Focus Book Recommendation: Focus by Daniel Goleman Dom's handles: Instagram: @DCD.cabera Email:
 Dominic Cabrera - Drummer

[00:00:00] Carlo Selorio: Hey guys, I am here with, oh, well first of all, thank you for coming and I'm here with a good friend of mine. You're here with the Business Launch Podcast. It's been, um, It's been a whirlwind two months for me, and it's been a, it's been great catching up with friends, catching up with great hosts. Um, but today I am here with special, special guest with, um, Dominic Cabrera.

[00:00:28] He's pretty much my God brother, I'd say because of through marriage. Um, his mom's my, my Godmother, so, and. This, this gentleman here, he's got a very impressive, um, resume. He is one of Australia's leading drummers, I would say, or if I'm, I'm sure a lot of Australians would know or don't know as much as, unless you're in the music industry, um, Dominique Cabrera has a unbelievable.

[00:00:58] Line up behind [00:01:00] him. He's had, um, he's played drums for Christine, New Conrad. So Chris Sebastian, Guy Sebastian Delta. Good room. Jessica, Mauboy, Samantha Jade, Tim Omatic. Justice Screw, Rob Mill, Dan Walker. Far out. What a, what a absolutely great lineup. So thank you for coming on board, Dom, how you doing? How you doing?

[00:01:26] Dominic Cabrera: Hey, good to see you. Thanks 

[00:01:28] Carlo Selorio: for having me. Uh, it's been, it's, it's actually take two for us. So 

[00:01:32] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah, I was wondering for lot to say like, Hey, good to see you. It's been years. , 

[00:01:36] Carlo Selorio: it's take two. Um, it. It's been, um, a whirlwind two months, and it's, he should have been one of my original, um, guests. But things happen and like, yeah, we're redoing the actual podcast.

[00:01:51] So. So Dom, tell us a bit about yourself. Um, tell us your, um, where you grew up and your background. Yeah, 

[00:01:58] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah. So I was born in, uh, Philipp. Um, [00:02:00] my background, born and raised in the Philippines. I moved here when I was here in Sydney when I was 12, uh, which is pretty much when I met you. Yep. Um, we were in the same community together in YFC, but our moms do go way back, back in the singles days.

[00:02:13] Uh, working for the National Food Authority in the Philippines. That's right. Um, but where I met you is kind of my formative years in, in music where I, uh, sheded my guitar. Playing my bass playing and my drums, um, you know, doing worships and doing, uh, conference state conferences and stuff like that.

[00:02:29] And it gives me 

[00:02:30] Carlo Selorio: chills, bro. Like, just going back . 

[00:02:33] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah. But that's where it was, you know, I was like, um, Yeah. That's where a lot of the hours first, first started. Yeah. Um, yeah. And now, uh, I'm a, I've been a professional. I guess, uh, touring, recording, uh, session musician for, um, 13 years now. Two years, Yeah. 

[00:02:44] Carlo Selorio: For many, many, many stars.

[00:02:46] Uh, yeah. 

[00:02:47] Dominic Cabrera: And, um, and, and many independent as well. Yeah. Um, independent artists and, um, yeah, came out of, uh, the Australian Institute of Music in 2010. So just been working since, um, yeah, less and fortunate to be in Sydney. [00:03:00] It's a good city to 

[00:03:01] Carlo Selorio: be musician. Yeah. I think music is starting to boom here in as in Australia, Sydney as well.

[00:03:06] So I think you're in the for forefront of that. Yeah, I hope so. So what was, what was life like before starting business? So I know you went to aim. Yep. Um, um, Yeah, Share. Share something about, Yeah. 

[00:03:20] Dominic Cabrera: So I actually didn't finish my, didn't finish high. Um, I had a really bad anxiety disorder, like O.C.D. Around that time.

[00:03:27] Um, obsessive compulsive disorder. And, um, my music teacher, Ms. Genie, was like my second mom and she, she was the only one I could speak to at the time and she understood. So she spoke to the, you know, to my family and to, to the school. And all I did was my music agency, which I marked pretty well for. Sorry, I live here at the airport.

[00:03:46] Um, Then the, um, I did my music, HSC (High School Certificate) kind of did like a, like therapy, MacArthur Mental Health Institute for like a year. Uh, and then I just worked retail cuz they said, you know, you just have to be busy. You take, um, you know, physically exert yourself. Um, [00:04:00] that's kind of at, at the time that was kind of the, the biteable cure for any like kind of disorders.

[00:04:04] Yeah. Um, so I just worked retail for three years practicing on. On electric drums. Like rubber pads. You'd probably remember it when you'd come over. Yeah. And, and, and see it. Um, and then I didn't even know Session musician was a career. I thought I could, Well, I'm like, ah, I could probably teach drums at the end of this.

[00:04:21] And then eventually I, um, yeah. I'm like, Well, I can get a Bachelor of Music through the Australian Institute of Music. Maybe if I auditioned. Um, didn't tell him I didn't have. H and uh, yeah, fortunately made it in. And, um, yeah, the 

[00:04:33] Carlo Selorio: rest is, I, I think, um, music, you don't really need a specific, a specific, um, qualifications to get in unless you are, you actually need anything.

[00:04:43] Is that right? 

[00:04:44] Dominic Cabrera: Maybe not quoting the Australian Institute of Music, but , Maybe I just didn't mention it. Maybe I just didn't mention. Um, you know, maybe they didn't know, but we're here now and I have my Bachelor of Music . 

[00:04:55] Carlo Selorio: That is, that is so awesome. Yeah. So, we'll, let's just go back with, um, having the O C D, How, [00:05:00] how did it trigger it for you?

[00:05:02] Dominic Cabrera: And it about, I think it was un undiagnosed since I was a kid for a while. Or maybe it was an anxiety at the time and then take, took the form of OCD later on in life, but, it was bad through high school. It was. I don't know if like you found I was weird. I was a weird kid. It, we'd have like, um, it got to the point where it manifested itself through cleanliness, but like, I'd binge just like, kind of like, um, like someone with uh, um, how do you call it?

[00:05:26] Um, like. Like, I'd, I'd have to get everything dirty , like not clean for a while, not, not get it dirty, not clean for a while. And then before I couldn't go to school until like I, Glen 20 something like in this direction. Up, down, left, right. Northeast, southwest, north, west, southeast, like that level of, um, of like each wall in the house.

[00:05:47] And the whole house would smell like chemicals. And my, my friends from high school would be like, outside my door going, Bro, let's go. We're late for school. Like, I can't, I can't, like, it was pretty like, you know, severe. Um, but over the years, I think, uh, and, and in business as well, Sorry to, to, yeah. [00:06:00] Sheely tie it into this, but I think it's also.

[00:06:02] It was a gift and a curse. I've come to look at it. Um, the thoroughness I got out of OCD when I practiced, like, don't stop until it's perfect, even though I've been in the practice room for like six, six hours, you know? Um, and like just, yeah, it keeps kind of like my, my quality control up. That's awesome.

[00:06:18] Of the product they offer and the, so that's, I try to focus on the gifts of it as 

[00:06:23] Carlo Selorio: well, obviously. Yeah. It's. I guess it's helped you in a, in a with, with your, where you went through as a, as a musician, I guess. Yeah, 

[00:06:32] Dominic Cabrera: yeah. Or maybe if I went into something else, it would, it would serve as a gift as well.

[00:06:36] So I guess the double edged sword, I tend to focus 

[00:06:39] Carlo Selorio: on the, the positive side, the positives. Um, so after finishing, um, Australian Institute of Music, um, graduated, Partied, I I guess , what, what happened after that 

[00:06:50] Dominic Cabrera: happened? After that? I think by the last semester I was already getting kind of Gigs um, and then I had to, I actually deferred.

[00:06:57] I didn't get my, um, I didn't get my Bachelor of [00:07:00] music. Uh, surprise, surprise. Just like, uh, my HSC because by the last semester I was getting gigs and I was palming it off to other student. I was giving it to, to my friends and I'm like, I should be doing these because that's the point of, you know, studying, studying music.

[00:07:13] So I deferred. I had like, I did my recital mark really well. I think at the time it was like the third highest in school's history. Uh, a friend has since bumped me down or maybe a few people out. But, uh, but um, yeah, I was, uh, I was popping off gigs, but I'm like, I should be doing gigs. So I had two classes.

[00:07:29] Did my recital just celebrated as if I graduated and then just started doing rock gigs at the time, like straight into like pubs, like six months of like bookings. And we just like lugged like, uh, three wise monkeys in the, in the city or like, you know, bull and bush and like the, the, you know, even out in the hills and Yeah.

[00:07:45] Yeah, 

[00:07:46] Carlo Selorio: I know. Bush . 

[00:07:48] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah. Like all those, like, we'd, we'd like that and at the time I didn't even have a kit and mom would drive me to gigs and like, Um, Yeah. And she'd wait in the car and like, it was like that, it was, uh, yeah. Super supported by, by family as well. Yeah. 

[00:07:59] Carlo Selorio: You, um, you, [00:08:00] you got a very, very musical family.

[00:08:03] Your uncle, your mom, your aunties, you got, you guys all are in the music industry. Oh, I have that music. Yeah. 

[00:08:14] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah. Well even as Filos we're musical, I didn't even realize that was a thing, just cuz we're, we're Filos and it's always around us. We're not, if we're not dancing, we're singing R'nB. If we're not doing karaoke, we're playing basketball, you know, , um, these in things.

[00:08:26] But then as I entered the music industry, I realize that Filipinos are very much respected, uh, around the world. As good musician, so that 

[00:08:34] Carlo Selorio: it's the karaoke thing, I think. . That's 

[00:08:37] Dominic Cabrera: crazy. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Um, but yeah, family's musical mom taught me guitar. Everyone sings, uh, either they auntie was, um, professional singer before and my uncles like the OG touring musician toured with the Beatles and the Jackson five.

[00:08:52] Carlo Selorio: Nice. Yeah. Um, What were the big wins early on that as a musician, as a, as a drummer? What was the early, early [00:09:00] wins? Because I know that musicians, either they finish their degree and then they dunno what to do. They go, Oh no, I think I'm gonna go corporate or something like that. But what's the early wins for you to like, as a drummer?

[00:09:16] Dominic Cabrera: Probably that's one of them. Um, yeah, the fact. Even just statistically the percentage of people coming outta music schools and ending up becoming professional musicians. Yeah. Um, yeah, statistically it's a minority, uh, for sure. Um, the, yeah, the fact that I kind of had like a good connection to the, um, to the music industry in Sydney by the second half of, of uni, you know, we started, um, going to the jam nights that, uh, like senior.

[00:09:36] See Sydney musicians were holding, you know, we'd carry all our gear after Wednesday class and go to that jam night and they would kind of, um, let us sit in and, uh, if we're bad, call us out and kick us off the stage. But usually kind of, yeah, get to sit in for a song or two. And then, um, they're very welcoming, uh, to, you know, them as kind of the, the gate gateway to the music industry, the Sydneys music.

[00:09:55] Yeah. Um, slowly kind of mentored us and passed on some gig to us, and [00:10:00] so we, you know, became good friends with them and, um, yeah. And, uh, and I think just being, being as a, as a Filipino, um, uh, you know, as a minority, um, making it through any industry. Get along this one, you know. The, there aren't too many. By that time, there weren't too many of us.

[00:10:15] I think there was only like Kevin Mendoza who was the only other kind of, 

[00:10:19] Carlo Selorio: What did 

[00:10:19] Dominic Cabrera: Kevin do? He was a drummer. He was Jess Mauboy's drummer. Yeah. Oh, nice. Worked a lot with Darden's, like one of the legendary musical directors in, uh, in Sydney. And, um, Yeah, I mean, I guess he's already opened some of the doors, uh, for me to kind of walk into.

[00:10:35] Carlo Selorio: Um, yeah. Um, on, on the flip side, um, were what events happened where you weren't so sure if, like being a drummer, uh, you would survive as being a drummer, but you ended up figuring it out and pulling through? 

[00:10:48] Dominic Cabrera: Uh, sorry, what was the social, 

[00:10:49] Carlo Selorio: um, what, what happened where, if you were, like, when you started as a drummer Yep.

[00:10:53] And you thought that you wouldn't survive. Oh. But you figured out how to 

[00:10:59] Dominic Cabrera: pull through it. Right? Right. [00:11:00] Like a, like early kind of Yeah. Early days struggles. Yeah. 

[00:11:03] Carlo Selorio: Um, 

[00:11:03] Dominic Cabrera: not so much that I wouldn't be a drummer, but maybe just. Relations with the groups, The first groups you start with. Yeah. Like obviously you go through band breakups and getting kicked out of bands, , and you know, like that, that kind of stuff that, that was new to Um, you know, we had like a, a breakup on stage , like, you know, we we had 

[00:11:21] Carlo Selorio: like a well on stage where it's like you stop in, in, in between a song or, 

[00:11:27] Dominic Cabrera: um, I think we did finish the last song and then before we got off stage we kind of just got in each other's bases and yeah, you know, young men, a lot of testosterone.

[00:11:35] Um, Yeah, more, more that like that rough period or you're, you're finding yourself as a man, so are the other people you're, you're working with. So it's still a bit rough on the edges socially and you know, business wise, um, more that than really struggling to like, Oh, am I gonna be a drummer or not? Cause it felt like at the time it just felt like, I don't know, I don't know if it was young man gu gusto or like young.

[00:11:55] Delusion or, uh, confidence or whatever. But it was just like, if I, if it doesn't work out [00:12:00] with this band, then I'll, I'll go with another band. It was kind of, you know, all in nothing music for me. Uh, yeah. At the time. Um, and I'm lucky that I'm so lucky to be in Sydney for it. Like the more you we travel, I realize that even the, the musicians we studied in.

[00:12:16] We're in America, or even just in Melbourne and stuff, like, don't necessarily earn more than us, you know, like they, they do more sets for less money or like off tour they'd play a club and just pass a hat around in America, you know, sometimes it's like, wow. Yeah. Um, so we're lucky to be in Sydney. That's kind of got like a good, um, support or, Yeah.

[00:12:33] And a good, like a set kind of, um, business. It's lucrative. It's lucrative for musicians, . it's, yeah, I'd like it to be in the city. 

[00:12:42] Carlo Selorio: Yeah. That's, uh, it's great to know that you're, there's, there's money coming food to, food to eat, right? That's sure. 

[00:12:49] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah. Uh, bless. 

[00:12:51] Carlo Selorio: What makes you stand out as as a musician, as a drummer from your competitors?

[00:12:59] Dominic Cabrera: Oh, I like that. [00:13:00] Again, we were talking about, uh, as we were talking about double edged swords, I also tried to look at me being, you know, a brown boy, an island, you know, Filipino . Um, I think that was a thing as well. Like, you, you naturally stick out. Uh, so it kind of just leaned into that and I was kind of kind of like, I don't know.

[00:13:13] I grew up, you know, I grew up very much in like the alternative scene, the punk and hardcore scene while Filos. Other Filos when we were kids, were dancing and listening to r and b and playing basketball. I was kind of like, you know, putting on like punk bracelets and like playing music and hiding behind the instrument and like, um, you know, hiding behind the emo fringe and stuff like that.

[00:13:34] Um, so I've always kind of just gone against the grain naturally. So every time I feel like I enter a space, or everyone's doing this, I'll kind of, you know, go the other way. Like, uh, you know, if everyone's marketing themselves this way, well I'll, I'll do my own thing. If everyone kind of sounds this way, I'll do my own thing.

[00:13:50] Yeah. Hopefully it works out for me and. 

[00:13:54] Carlo Selorio: Yeah. That's one way to stand out to, to actually [00:14:00] see yourself going in another direction to what others are doing. And it helps being a drummer, being able to actually show your different talents, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Um, 

[00:14:13] what motivates you daily? Motivates 

[00:14:17] Dominic Cabrera: me daily.

[00:14:18] The love, the love for what I. Love for the instrument, you know, um, to this day and doesn't feel like a chore, like 22 years. It feels like it's, it's been like a cheat code in life, or I haven't really had to answer to a boss or haven't really had to, um, worry about getting sacked or, or anything like that.

[00:14:32] It's, um, I just love the instrument. I can wake up, um, go to the studio, sit down and just shit away, play for hours and do a gig at night. Uh, the, the idols, the people I look up to and the, the past, they, um, they trailblazed and, um, you know how the, because it's such a, such a rare kind of, you know, it's like a low, it's in the low percentile of, uh, occupations.

[00:14:51] There's so many ways to go. Um, and uh, yeah, a lot of my different idols kind of just went about things differently. Like some are clinicians who do clinic tours and [00:15:00] masterclass and workshops all over Europe, and some do like a DJ playing with a DJ circuit in, in America or some like, you know, uh, go through a band.

[00:15:08] Some are like session plates. So there's so many different avenues and uh, that's inspiring to me. Just carve my. 

[00:15:15] Carlo Selorio: I've seen you actually play in some of your videos anyway. Playing Dance Studios is the, the music. 

[00:15:21] Dominic Cabrera: Yes. Yeah. Shout out to dance. 

[00:15:25] Carlo Selorio: It was, um, that, that is also, I haven't seen Dance Studios did that until like I actually saw you cuz my brother, you know, my brother does a lot of, Um, dance competitions and he is around a a lot, a lot of the studios and I've never seen someone actually have drummers there to actually perform.

[00:15:41] That is awesome. Yeah. 

[00:15:43] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah, true. You yourself used to be in a dance crew with my older cousin.

[00:15:46] Carlo Selorio: Um, Chris Dax is actually, I, I've interviewed Chris. Um, he's gonna be in the next episode as well, so Cool. So yeah, we we're reliving our, um, guidance 

[00:15:55] Dominic Cabrera: days. Yes, Yes. Um, yeah. Shout out to all the dancers. Um, I was very, again, I was familiar to it because in our [00:16:00] community it's such a big. Um, your, uh, , your brother, um, host so many of these events and plant so many seeds that, you know, people went on to, um, to pursue.

[00:16:07] Uh, so, so when we were starting out, coming out fresh out of, uh, music school out of uni, um, the jam night we started, which is like my family band now, Sexy Sunday. Um, where all of our careers started, Uh, Wendy, who went on to become musical director for Guy Sebastian, uh, Kyle, who went on to play bass for ma boy, uh, Cetera, et cetera.

[00:16:21] Like, so Dan Ma who plays for everyone, all the TV shows. Um, we used to just be a jam night, um, where ki it was kind of the wedding of like the muso scene, the theater scene, and the dancing. And we'd have it on the Sunday because in performing arts, our weekends Monday and. Um, so we'd, we'd kind of have that and then just stay there till nighttime where we'd get like a tap dancer, like the cast of underbelly would come up in jam and like Tevin Campbell or whoever's touring would just come, would come through.

[00:16:47] Um, yeah. And, and he kind sign it from there. And like the, the relationship. We'd use them for gigs where we'd need dancers. They'd use us for gigs where they need musicians. And it's like, yeah. It's like, it's a fam affair 

[00:16:58] Carlo Selorio: performing artist collaborating [00:17:00] everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. That's sort of what's being an artist is all about, you know?

[00:17:03] Yeah. Um, going forward, what big goals do you have for, for you as a musician for the next, let's say, three to 10 years, 

[00:17:12] Dominic Cabrera: or, this holds me accountable saying this in public , but, um, I've. I've been long overdue for, um, my own original stuff as an artist. I think so, yeah. Yeah. So, uh, as a, um, like the producer side of things, composing side of things, arrangement side of things, I never really release, but I always record tidbits here and there.

[00:17:31] Um, I guess, uh, in the session side of things, um, I mean, I I can't, I don't feel like I can be away for too long because, but I maybe transitioning to more international stuff, um, most international touring musicians are from either the UK or the us but, uh, I'd like to change that. You know, we, we always have friends touring in the u in the uk and they come back and they're like, you, The town we have here is.

[00:17:55] Is world class, like any of us can go there and, and do this. And that's really [00:18:00] encouraging. We realize it's like we're just so far away. Um, but talent wise and, you know, ability wise, we can, we can do what everyone else is doing in the world. We can do that internationally. Yeah. couple, couple goals there.

[00:18:11] Carlo Selorio: So that is, Being, traveling and doing your own. That that would be awesome, would be, I'd love to hear your own music coming out there. Yeah, yeah, sure. 

[00:18:21] Dominic Cabrera: I'm accountable now. , 

[00:18:22] Carlo Selorio: Well, I'll, I'll play this, I'll play this, um, this podcast and send it to you when it's, when you start launching your own, um, your own music.

[00:18:28] Yes, 

[00:18:29] Dominic Cabrera: sir. Yes, sir. I said it here 

[00:18:30] Carlo Selorio: first.

[00:18:30] As a, as a drummer, as a traveling musician, um, what advice do you have for aspiring musicians and business owners? 

[00:18:40] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah. Um, might have said some of this in their, um, previous first take. Yeah. But, uh, the, um, the calm, find calmness in your heart, you know, in calmness. I think the best decision. Come from that, um, uh, where emotions start, intelligence ends.

[00:18:54] I, I tend to think sometimes, but, so yeah, be calm and just look at everything [00:19:00] for not just your perspective, not just the other person's perspective, but you know, the benefit of you and, and your partners or your clients. Um, uh, learn, learn, focus, nice and early, nice and early. I think especially in my line of.

[00:19:10] In any line of work, um, we, we can get distracted, especially in that young man, decade of twenties, you know, like women, and then it, it strays this way, you know, recreational partying, it strays this way. But, um, yeah, I, I think, uh, it's cool to do those things, um, and experience things that keep the. Um, stay focused on the goal.

[00:19:27] Carlo Selorio: Yeah. Keeping that in mind. Yeah. Yeah. And 

[00:19:30] Dominic Cabrera: just be true to yourself. The, um, the easy, um, most of, most of the time, you know, again, I guess client liaison or just hanging out is, is social, is talking and just, you know, marinating energy with another person. Not necessarily I play three hours, but on tour the rest of it's just hanging out.

[00:19:46] Energy better be correct and like, I'm a pleasure to hang with you. I better be a pleasure to hang with 

[00:19:55] Carlo Selorio: you. The, you lose relationships when you're not, right? 

[00:19:58] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah, yeah, a hundred percent. 

[00:19:59] Carlo Selorio: Um, [00:20:00] how do you want to impact the world and what kind of legacy do you want to have? 

[00:20:04] Dominic Cabrera: Um, Through my, through my music, uh, whether it's playing for other people and touching people, um, in the three hours that a or two hours or hour that I'm up there on stage, you know, whoever it touches, may it be just making them feel good because they're going through something.

[00:20:17] Or, um, inspiring someone who kind of wants to take a similar path. Uh, and um, and also like. Specifically people who kind of of had the same background as me. Like, you know, the anxiety disorder, depression, the mental health side of things. Yeah. Um, yeah, I hope I kind of somehow through my vocation helped 

[00:20:30] Carlo Selorio: Yeah, touch, touch people in that way.

[00:20:32] Hopefully we, we get people to actually listen to the, the episode and be inspired by, by your upbringing going from having O C D and being a successful musician. Um, hope so. Yeah. Um, in terms of business, in terms of, I guess, reading.

[00:20:54] Do you have any books that you can recommend for our listeners? 

[00:20:57] Dominic Cabrera: Well, yes I do. . Um, so [00:21:00] focus, I think I, I did say it in our first take. So focus is a big thing, is a big, big thing, um, by, uh, something Goldman, Forgive me if I forget the first name. Um, that helped me a lot and I think that came, that was given to me by a friend.

[00:21:11] Nudge, Nudge kind of said, Hey, you need to focus more . I was kinda like getting distracted. I'm like, Oh, okay. Um, that's one. Um, to be honest, like, I guess it's cliche now, but I don't think, I think it's timeless. But any of those kind of mainstream motivational books, whichever one speaks to you, whichever one resonates with you, you Power of, uh, Power of now, Um, uh.

[00:21:29] You know, the subtle art of not giving a . Yeah. You know, like, uh, like all those, like, I know it can reach a mainstream level sometimes where it kind of gets a bit, Oh, you know, Yeah, I already know that. But each soul is different, you know, each, um, people speak different languages, uh, like they understand.

[00:21:43] They, they receive, some people received things differently and reject things differently, so, yeah. As much as he can at those. And, um, some of it will stick with you and you can choose what to, uh, what to not stick 

[00:21:52] Carlo Selorio: with you. Yeah. Pick and choose what's, what helps you at that point in time. Yes. Perfect.

[00:21:59] Perfect. [00:22:00] I think it's, that's, uh, nice. I really want to get that book focus. Uh, it's, uh, it's something that I. I get lost in focus. I was telling, um, Daks in my last interview with him, He's, I've been planning this podcast for over 10 years, and I, I think it's, I had to finally found the time to just get. Get this podcast this year, but it's 10 years in the making.

[00:22:26] But now it's, it is, it's out there now and it's, I'm thriving and like all my, all the people that's listening are really enjoying, enjoying all the episodes. Yes, sir. 

[00:22:35] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah. I hear it's doing really well. Shout out to you. Shout out to you for doing this and, um, we're doing well at it. And, and the guys we came up with doing their own thing, like that's is a, what's it?

[00:22:44] Suits and suits of shirts. Suits of shirts. Yeah, it's. That's 

[00:22:49] Carlo Selorio: awesome. Yeah, it's, um, it's been, it's been a great journey so far. It's been just under two months in the making and then we're making some noise. Yeah. And getting, getting a lot of, um, [00:23:00] business owners and musicians hopefully get some attention that they truly deserve.

[00:23:06] Um, to finish off, . If li if our listeners need help with music or business or they have any questions and they want, let's say they wanna work with you, how can they reach you? Yeah, 

[00:23:22] Dominic Cabrera: um, they can reach me by email. Yep. Uh, Cabrera, That's my surname. Yeah. Um, like sliding to my dms, you know, Facebook, Instagram, uh, handles @DCD_cabrera surname.

[00:23:36] Um, yeah, I'm not hard to find so. Yeah, it's a slug online and, uh, you find it, so 

[00:23:41] Carlo Selorio: I'll make sure I put that in the show notes so that they can go hit you up. And I know there'll be a lot of, a lot of inspiration from what you've done, and hopefully, um, they learn from you as well. Yes, bro. Hope it helps. Um, thank you.

[00:23:55] Thank you again, Dom, for like being part of this journey of mine, and thank [00:24:00] you for like sharing your story. Hopefully we can, we can get it out there and, um, people learn from what you've done as a, as a musician as well. 

[00:24:07] Dominic Cabrera: Hope it helps man too. Thanks 

[00:24:09] Carlo Selorio: for having me. Um, any last. Um, let's 

[00:24:10] Dominic Cabrera: have dinner soon.

[00:24:11] Family affair, never over. 

[00:24:13] Carlo Selorio: I'll, I'll definitely, um, I'll speak to Jamie and, um, and, and the in-laws. Make sure that we, we'll have you guys over here for dinner. Yeah, sounds good. Gotta see the kids. Yeah, The kids, I think they saw you last for Dom Dom's. Um, my brother-in-law's, um, Recital. That was the early time, and I was saying that's, that's like five, six.

[00:24:31] Is that, has that been five years ago or something? I can't believe it. They. Yeah, that was the last time I saw you. I think so, yeah. 

[00:24:39] Dominic Cabrera: Plus the covid time. Skip, so yeah. 

[00:24:41] Carlo Selorio: It makes sense. Yeah. So yeah, we'll definitely catch up and, um, yeah, have prepared dinner for you guys. Yeah. . Thank you. Thank you again, Dom and I will see you very soon.

[00:24:54] And for those people that want to come and subscribe, listen, um, shout out [00:25:00] to. To Dom, um, uh, to help us put some reviews on all the podcast networks so that we can go up the rankings. So thank you again and have a great day, Dom. Cheers. You too. Thank you. See you, bro. See you later. Boom. Thank you so much.

[00:25:14] Thank you. It's saved in the cloud, so I can't lose, I can't, I can't stop. Uh, I can't mess up this, uh, This audio so nice. Sure. It's, um, and it's your, your mic sounds a a lot, a lot better as well. So, so 

[00:25:14] Dominic Cabrera: this, um, yeah, I hope it's in par with the first take, . 

[00:25:14] Carlo Selorio: No, no, I think it's better. I think, I think we're able to, um, to show what, where you've come from and what you had to go through.

[00:25:14] So I think it's just as. If not better. Yeah. Cheer is mean. Yeah. Thank you so much. And yeah, what's I'll, I'll, um, I'll reach out to Jamie's parents after this and then, um, organize something with you, with your mom and then you can bring her over. 

[00:25:14] Dominic Cabrera: Yeah, sweet. Yeah, I'll ask mom as well and line something up.

[00:25:14] Um, 

[00:25:14] Carlo Selorio: when are you guys available? So before. 

[00:25:14] Dominic Cabrera: I don't know which days are she's working at the moment, but she's working three days a week. Yeah. Um, it's kind of busy season for me this season. Yeah. Uh, but we'll, we'll find something. And with uh, I think when Z and Deb go to the States, she might take care of deep day as well.

[00:25:14] Yeah. Um, but yeah, I'll ask her when she free 

[00:25:14] Carlo Selorio: frees up. Yeah, for sure. For sure. We'll, we'll, it's well overdue, so it's, we, We'll be glad to have you guys over. Thanks. Thanks again, bro. Thanks, bro. I'll, I'll let you know, I'll send you, um, when it's, um, releasing. Hopefully next week, next week. Once, uh, edit everything, you and Dax will come out next week.

[00:25:14] Sweet, bro. Thank you so much. Thanks, bro. Okay. God bless. 

[00:25:14] Dominic Cabrera: You too. Bye bye. Bye.